Mutant Impossible

OK Wait, So... Who Did What Now?


Poised for their attack on Fort Pope, Lexi decides to make things interesting by inviting more runners to the assault. To throw the enemy off, she also sets up a fake attack time. Unfortunately, however, a few runners do not follow the clues and attack at the fake time. They are met with massive resistance from an army of robots and are about to be killed, when Ivan assists by making several of the outlying robots look like newly arrived runners, and in the chaos, makes the runners as well as Blue Eyes, Jaqen and Assembly look like robots.

They managed to save a few of the runners and the robots were held at bay until the full reinforcements arrived. In the mass were a couple of familiar faces, including Tad and Leona Defleur, to whom Jaqen mysteriously handed something off. However, the heroes quickly realized that many of the runners were there to get their hands on the Hand of God for themselves, so they quickly began making their own doors to bypass the robots and reach the artifact first. They also summoned the witch, Agatha Harkness.

Once they reached the Pope’s inner sanctum, they found themselves floating in nothingness and facing a columned throne room. Spreading out, the heroes attempted to talk to the pompous Pope while they could make their approach, but he was (not surprisingly) quite convinced of his own greatness. They also found that he was surrounded by a force field. Lexi managed to open a hole in the force field, but when they attacked the Pope he suddenly teleported himself into their midst.

The witch held many of his greatest powers at bay while the heroes attacked, however, ripples in reality repeatedly washed over them, changing them into alternate forms of themselves. Since Assembly had two versions of himself present, they each became different versions, one an evil version. However, the good (or at least not evil) Assembly managed to absorb him before he could get the Hand of God.

With Assembly in possession of the Hand of God, he could tell its power was depleted and could only perform one final great act. He tried to undo the Hand’s existence, but the paradox that would have resulted prevented the artifact from being able to perform the task. Therefore, Assembly decided to give himself the power of a god and left the heroes behind.

Somewhat perturbed by what had happened but pleased to have taken out the bad guy and artifact, the remaining members of the party departed the fortress back into the devastated world.

Scales of War, Part I

RocI clutched the makeshift seat as our ‘ride’ landed in the outskirts of Frankfurt, Germany with the beat of massive wings and a thump. Ivan’s feathered conuration faded into the mists from whence it came and I looked around at our makeshift team of shadowrunners running Ops for MI6. The assassin, the muscle, the conjurer, the menatlist, and me. A junior logistics agent that somehow managed to find herself a Stark suit. I looked over at Assembly who sat contemplating their mission. As a captain he outranked me in her majesty’s service and was in charge of our mission. At least until what little remained of MI6 could gather. In the meantime, they would all have to do. The world was in dire need of saving. Again.

A device known only as the ‘Hand of God’ was wreaking havoc on the world’s capitals. First London, now Paris. Gone. A mote in god’s eye vanquished, turned to ash. Damndest thing, our chief suspect was the Pope himself and our mission…bust into the most heavily defended fortress I’d ever seen. It looked like something out of the gothic era, on stims and alphaware.Hand of god

Investigations in the sprawl turned up little except a dying elf and swarms of insects hell-bent on burrowing into your spine. The damned things left you a drone if you were human. Dead if you were an elf, orc, or any other metahuman. Horrible death or enslavement. Neither choice I cared for much.

So that’s where we found ourselves, sitting quietly in the dark as low-lying clouds ripped past the windows. The familiar beat of giant, invisible wings and preparing our gear to attempt the impossible. To assault the unassailable. One last mission to save all of metahumanity, the world. Blank stares and grimaces of ‘not-getting-paid-enough-for-this-drek’ all around the cramped cabin suddenly turned into confused looks. A muted chime echoed from someone’s commlink.
A phone call, for me. What the drek? Minutes away from certain death and I had a phone call. I shrugged. What the hell, I answered it. An offer, avoid certain death and assess new options and support from an as yet unknown source. We’d been grasping for straws for this mission, and had drawn the short one. Here was our chance to draw again. Our free ‘do-over’ before things turned pear-shaped. We took it.

With this new client offering us unsurpassed resources, we managed to find a pair of shadowrunning teams out of Berlin that were flying in on a couple of military cargo planes. They were due in a couple of hours. Null sheen and smooth flying boys, you’re the cavalry and about to save our asses. In the meantime I had some work to do and better yet, we had a much better prospect for an Op. A biotech research site specializing in volatile aromatics, in particular the spontaneous generation of custom aromatics based on samples taken. Exactly what we needed, bug repellant. We hit it and lit it. A dull orange glow lighting the edge of Frankfurt as we flew to a nice quiet spot where I could work. New data from Mr. Stark had given me theoretical equations I could put to practical application. A way to shield against the kind of energy signatures detected at ground zero for London and Paris. One that might, just might work and save our asses. Maybe give us a fighting chance even. Only the red dawn would tell. There was just one thing we were forgetting. One rule, above all else when running the shadows that we had forgotten.

Never, Dunkelzahn secrets cover


Make a deal with a DRAGON!

Get These Hero-Fighting Purifiers Off This Bird-Not-A-Plane's Ass!

Gregorian v

It was clear that the prisoner (Cardinal Grymes – has a strange British accent) had been mistreated while confined.

Once outside, the group sees a mob gathered around a dais with the fixings for a witch-burning.

A bazooka-wielding, vatican-guard-looking bird blasts the dais and the two guards flanking the platform, burning them to death and dispersing the crowd which the group uses to escape before the turbine-engine jets can sweep the area and find them.

In-flight, they begin to interrogate the cardinal. The interrogations takes the form of illusory-traumatization. All that is accomplished is that the former prisoner believes he might be dead to have seen such strange things. Finally, they come clean and let him know they are mutants and he isn’t, in fact, dead.

Assembly decides to mimic all of the cardinals powers in order to ascertain which powers he possesses. Several are too “fuzzy” and Assembly isn’t able to mimic them, however one of them is what is referred to as technomancy.

Assembly interacts with Jonus and Alexi inside the matrix.

Grymes displays some telekenetic powers after Alexi safely disarms the explosive power-suppression collar (exactly the same as the ones the group wore in the alternate-reality prison).

They discover that Reme Leboux may have been one of the cardinal’s interrogators.

They discover that the Pope was from the German Catholic order and was previously a cardinal. (Cardinal Rotenschädel was his former name.)

They discover the prisoner’s family has all been slain, his brother most recently.

They discover that the prisoner’s brother was a twin with the same set of powers and in an alternate timeline (reference news feed) was also assassinated.

After landing in Switzerland, Alexi meets with Howard Stark. They take a limo and the group seems unimpressed after having gotten used to riding in an enormous flying bird.

Stark inspects the power-suppression collar and is incredibly impressed with the level of advancement.

They discover that “His Holiness” is in Frankfurt which happens to coincide with Jaqen’s new job.

They hear a rumor from Howard Stark that the MI-6 New York City office was forcibly shut down by the government authorities on-site.

The “Hand of God” is rumored to be some sort of glove, gauntlet, or actual hand according to stark.

Paris’ fate now matches England’s.

Stark “didn’t drop” a credchip with enough funds to hire a small distractionary Shadowrunner team.

Three Purifiers are spotted approaching the bird. Two are red-robed and the third wears a mixed red and black robe.

Blue Eyes leaps toward one of the incoming Purifiers and heroically lands a blow, but doesn’t get a grip and begins plummeting down to the ground. Fortunately, Jaqen, quick to get into the frey as always, dematerializes and rematerializes next to Blue Eyes, causing a wound to appear in the same Purifier’s back before returning himself and Blue Eyes back to the safety of the bird.

The barrage continues until one of the Purifiers causes a massive blast of air to force the bird-plane out of control, plummeting downward.

Eventually the three Purifiers are taken down; one a prisoner, another blown to pieces while falling to his doom, and the third simply falling to his doom unconscious until vanishing shortly before impact with the earth. Residual energies point toward the Pope’s power.

The prisoner was of some interest to Blue Eyes once she realized he had a tattoo on his arm which spurred a memory.

Grymes sends a message saying that the French Catholic Church remnants have been absorbed into the German Catholic Church.



In front of them was nothing but a wasteland remains of London. A moment of silence passed over them as their separate realities collided. Excepting Assembly, who had kept his consciousness in tact through both realities, and Blue Eyes, who was instead wracked very briefly with pain and fuzzy memory of a childhood death. Once they were no longer distracted by the melding of personalities, they noticed their Russian companion, Wanda, unconscious. Ivan conjured a nurse to assess her condition, and the nurse announced that Wanda was in a coma.

They visited the MI6 headquarters that was nothing but rubble now. Twisted metal encased an unconscious M, who still wore his protective helmet. The conjured nurse examined him and also announced that he was in a coma. Lexi removed his helmet and placed him into her suit, then sent him to the nearest operating hospital. Blue Eyes suddenly became faint and sick, dropping to her knees. After a bit of experimentation, it became obvious that the material of M’s protective helmet had strong weakening effects on her. Then, as they settled, Assembly began to shimmer as he shifted reality. His power rippled through the air and suddenly, a banging echoed from beneath them. Inside of a shelter underground, miraculously, was Q, the quartermaster. When they uncovered him, he was writhing on the ground, changing colors. At the same time, Assembly began to transform. His skin color turned a purple color, while his nails and canines elongated. Quickly, Assembly covered up his transformation by morphing his appearance into his original form.

They decided to visit the hospital where M was in an attempt to figure out their next plan. When they arrived, both M and Wanda were still in comas and could not offer any advice. However, breaking news reported that the newly appointed Pope claimed the destruction of London was an “Act of God” and that it was punishment for harboring and collaborating with mutants. This gave the group a new lead to investigate. A bit of debate stalled them before finally deciding to head to Paris in search of contacts.

In Paris, Lexi reconnected with an old peer who informed her that a few other MI6 agents had survived the attacks, but not many. She also learned that many members of the church under the Pope were being prosecuted for having mutant abilities or affiliations. Again, debate rose up on their next action. Those not previously associated with MI6 were ready to charge into battle with the Pope, if not for being behind the attack, then at least for his claims and actions following the attack. An agreement was reached where the new-found team members would be contracted as mercenaries under MI6 and would receive pay for their work. Under the leadership of Assembly, they agreed to head to Rome and seek allies.


A Cardinal accused of Mutant associations was being held in the Vatican, and this man would be their first ally in the fight against the Pope. But first, they had to free him. Using the power of illusion, the group walked right into the front the doors of the Vatican. At the last moment, Lexi taunted the guards, who she believed could not perceive her. However, fate dealt Lexi an unfortunate surprise, and with her gesture to the guard, he was alerted of their presences. As they walked down the middle of the hall, cameras patrolled their pathway. Lexi used her power over electronics to disable one of the cameras – but again, luck was on the other side of the lense. At that moment, Jaqen noticed that they were being followed by one of the entrance guards. With the stealth of a shadow, he teleport behind the guard, pulled him behind a pillar with the persuasion of a knife blade, and slit his throat. Jaqen then took the guard’s appearance and strolled back into the hallway. For now, they seemed safe.

As they entered the holding cells, the Cardinal was just being chained up and led out. Ready for a fight, Blue Eyes ran in with the confidence of surprise. However, the guards were ready for them, and despite landing a good punch on the first guard’s jaw, she was caught in the side with a large spear. Instantly, her power was drained and she could barely maintain her grip around the guard’s neck. Assembly charged in and slammed into a guard heavily, drawing in attacks away from Blue Eyes. One spear shot up for Assembly’s throat, but the mutant would not be taken down so easily. The spear was unable to damage him and as the fight escalated, Ivan created a giant bird cloaked in the illusion of a guard with a rocket launcher. As the bird loaded its attack, Lexi dove into battle, nimbly striking at pressure points. Jaqen joined in, breaching a guard’s armor with his dagger. Finally, Ivan’s minion loosed a blast into the melee. Luckily, his powers were protected from damaging his allies, and the destruction only affected the holy guards. As the guards were overwhelmed by the mutants, they revealed their arms were an abomination of sewed on mutated limbs. In a desperate attempt to fight, they used those mutant powers. Despite the use of powers, the guards were defeated shortly after. However, the team now had to rescue the Cardinal and survive with the secret of the pope’s guard!


As Team 6 prepared to return to London as both heroes and fugitives, they received a call from Howard Stark, whose building Spectrecup had just destroyed. He thanked them for taking care of the Stane in his company and mentioned that Agent Alexis Hollingberry was wearing his suit and that he new about all of the porn on their machines. He wanted to meet with them the following day, stating their line was not secure and “P” owed him.

Shattered sky by vimark d4pspy7

Since the meeting was to take place back at headquarters, the team flew home, but were greeted by a shocking site. The sky was falling in sections, leaving only darkness behind and destruction below. Seeking to avoid the falling sky, the team flew towards the darkness. What exactly happened after that is unclear. Spectre fled the aircraft and was not seen again. The remainder of the team seemed to vanish into the darkness, yet only two of them found themselves together in the prison world they had flown into.


Only Assembly remembered his past life. To Lexi, along with the other mutants and political prisoners in the prison, it seemed like this new world was all she’d ever known. In fact, she thought she was a criminal instead of a MI-6 agent and hero, and remembered an entirely different history in which His Holiness ruled with a powerful item called the Hand of God. In this alternate reality, His Holiness had an entire army of robots which had both captured the world’s mutants as well as guarded over them in the prison. The mutants were also forced to wear collars and other items to control their powers and Lexi had been separated from her suit, which she thankfully had memory of.

Assembly and Lexi had both been assigned to a small group of other prisoners, most of whom were all relatively keen on the idea of escaping, including a political prisoner with no powers named Zemo who had obtained a key card that might help them escape, an apparently dimwitted mutant going by Jaqen, a skilled fighter named Valar, and a quiet and possibly insane mutant named Ivan (not that anyone asked each other’s names).

Suddenly, a prisoner was called to go before the parole board to basically plead for his life. Everyone watched somberly as the terrified prisoner was taken out. Moments later, however, he burst back into the room, shouting “The witch lives!” before he was dragged out again. The witch was a legend amongst the resistance to His Holiness.

Ivan stated that he thought he could take care of the cameras, so the prisoners decided to make their move. Valar started a fight with the girl who unofficially ruled the female cellblock, along with her bicycle and boner disciples, and beat on them until the robot guards intervened.

Girl fight

Meanwhile, Lexi attacked Ivan, choking him to mask the removal of his dampening collar. When she succeeded, however, alarms began to sound and the robots all turned their attention to Ivan… who was nowhere to be found. Despite their scanners, they could not see through his illusions. He then assisted Valar by sending an illusionary robot who attacked the robots on her and switched places with her in the chaos.

Lexi, Jaqen and Assembly (through the use of his power mimicry abilities) continued removing Valar then each other’s collars, despite the risk of some of them being explosive, until they were all free. Then they followed Valar as she led the charge through the robot reinforcements. Valar and Assembly plowed through the robots and Jaqen deftly ran across them as they flew in, causing them to crash in surprise.

Meanwhile, Lexi had been trying to mentally regain control of her suit and recharge its depleted power. She managed to cause one of the hands to launch into a stasis pod, apparently holding another prisoner, and drained the power out of the pod. This released its prisoner, however, who turned out to be the witch. She flew them all up out of the prison so they could see the small but expanding world below and explained that it was an alternate reality of His Holiness’s creation. The group agreed to go back to the world they originally came from and seek revenge and/or justice, so she opened a portal and they all passed through.

Once on the other side, they beheld the ruined skyline of London and their two lives and memories crashed together, intermixing in a confused jumble, as they tried to sort out what to do next…

The Rim Job
2 Girls, 1 Spectercup

Dragon Reborn

Assembly recovers from his severe burns by absorbing some of the body parts that had been laying around the lab. The rest of the party drains the bluish-clear bubbling liquid from the glass tubes to recover the experimental baby. They then return to the MI-6 base.

In there, the baby is given in the care of MI-6 as a frantic “M” urges the agents to deal with the situation in Manhattan. Assembly arms himself with nano-fiber chainsuckles, Tad Prescott Sterling looks for corrosive grenades, and Agent Alexis Hollingberry gets new missiles for her suit.

They load into a plane together with Billy Kaplan, who is quite interested in dealing with the metallic dragon assaulting the metropolis. Upon arrival to the island, they find a magic barrier surrounding it. Daywalker, Spectre and Assembly attack the barrier physically while the others attack the mana shield. The barrier is disrupted enough and goes down, just as a jet from Evo corporation appears. The agents fly in head first while Specter heads towards towards the drone.

Specter finds Buttercup inside the jet, and after a tense reunion with much left to be said and done, they must head back to the battle. As they approach the rift, the dragon closes in and confronts Tad, while Alexis Hollingberry fires a missile which does no damage when it arrives at the rift. The dragon is not cooperative with information and further intrusion attempts from Assembly’s eyeball meet a sad fate.

Attack of the drones

Billy asks the team to investigate a source of power for the barrier, located beneath them at the Stark corporation building in Madison Square. The news and surveillance drones suddenly all turn towards the group and fly kamikaze style to attack them. The jets do not take the attack well and begin to malfunction! Buttercup starts to fall through one of the holes in her jet, but Specter flies in after she falls to try to catch her. After the attack the team heads to the Stark building to investigate, but robotic constructs come out of the rift and attack.

Tad uses his massive belch to stop and destroy the first wave of attacking drones, And continues to hold off wave after wave of drones as they leave the rift.

Alexis suit starts malfunctioning, and finds out that it was made by Stark corporation, followed by Assembly and Billy. He pummels into the building and faces an intruder who has taken control of a secret device and despises the Starks. He has magic users who join him is his fight against the agents with the use of fire, shadow and mental powers.

Fire Woman

Fire girl wallpaper 1280x960

During this, Specter tries to stop Buttercup from dying from her fall, but starts merging with her, in a fiery ball of sexual energy. With new powers, she heads to the rift and confronts the dragon verbally. It asks Spectercup to join him, or face the consequences. She decides to attack him instead, denting his fine metallic armor. In rage, he starts opening the rift with enhanced strength, and two draconic forms join the fight. A tornado of fire appears around her further damaging the claws and slowing down the attack. She then blasts into the device powering up the rift in the middle of the Stark building, creating rippling explosions around the battle between the infiltrators and Alexi, Daywalker, Billy and Assembly. They quickly fly away from the exploding floor, collapsing the rest of the building and then finally destroying 500 ft of city landscape.

The dragon, desperately, is preparing a final attack as the rift starts to close. He inhales deeply, preparing for a final attack, so Tad takes advantage of the inhalation to belch directly into his mouth, while Alexi slams into it. The rift finishes closing.The flame that is Spectercup falls down to earth, in two different trails of flame as the women separate from their joined form. Alexi picks Specter up, and the team returns to base.

Mutant Possible

As the team watches the news, the see a report on themselves, with footage from some of the drones that were hacked. The president of the UCAS, president Nick Fury, addresses the issue on mutants, their existence, and the threat of their presence. The newly created [[S.H.I.E.L.D]] organization, or Saviours of Humanity by Intervention in the Evolution of Life-form Deviants, will take care of the mutant threat, an ominous statement regarding the future of the team.

The High Evolutionary - Epilogue

Bleach  rip in the sky by diochi d5r1ijc

As the team collects their bearings and examines their surroundings, they find their equipment and clothing in a storage room not too far from the fight. The team seems to be in a small laboratory of sorts, with a few adjacent halls and other miscellaneous rooms. Reuniting with Jonas and her suit, Alexi and her AI partner are able to determine that most of the area seems to have a Faraday cage built around it, effectively preventing all wireless communications going in or out. Wyndham’s workstation seems to be networked via a hard line, and one-way at that.

Despite this abnormal level of network security, Wyndham does not seem to have been overly restrictive with his workstation’s security. Aside from a lone agent program (albeit a pretty decent one), the data available on it is not encrypted. Wyndham seems to have had 10 groups that “donated” various mutant body parts and were paid handsomely for their efforts. Generally, the parts were what could be considered the “foci” of the mutant powers; if a person could project flames from his hands, then the hands were collected and routed to the processing centers. One communication indicates that the remnants of the bodies were carved up and disposed of in manners that would “deflect or otherwise fail to raise suspicion”.

Ironically though, the purpose of this whole experiment seems to be the creation of “the Ultimate Mutant”. Wyndham was experimenting with various combinations of mutant body parts and genetic patterns in an attempt to create a perfect life form. Though he doesn’t explicitly dictate what defines “perfect” in his context, the whole thing seems to have been part of something called “Project 7th”, of which there seems to be no additional information aside from a general dogmatic hyperbolism suggesting that this new life form could be the only creature that could survive on Earth in the future. There are also logs and records of various experiments and procedures performed upon himself; hence, his odd array of abilities.

Overall, however, it’s interesting to note that Wyndham’s pursuit of the creation of a “perfect mutant” inadvertently lead to the creation of Assembly, a being who in some ways could be considered to be the perfect collection of imperfections. Too bad he didn’t live to fully understand what had transpired…

And that brings us to what one of the other side rooms contains. One room appears to be a specimen chamber, with operating tables, biohazard bins, and a series of large, empty glass tubes attached to a single terminal interface. Well, actually, they’re all empty except for one. This single tube is filled with a bluish-clear bubbling liquid, and floating suspended in the center of a tube is a lone infant boy, asleep in a fetal position.

Upon discovering this, Jonas speaks to the entire team, saying “Agents, I realize this may not be the best time for any sort of interruption, but I feel I should point out that since we have moved into this area, I am once again receiving communications from the outside world. Firstly, may I remind you that you were granted three days leave, and because of the amount of time you have all been unconscious, you are now nearing the end of the third day. I remind you of this only because right now MI6 seems to be attempting to contact me – that is to say, us – rather frantically, if I may say so. Something about a hole being torn open in the sky far above Manhattan, by giant shining claws?”

Mountain of Lies


The whole cavern shakes, swaying. The tied up enemies just start laughing. Spectre begins to feel a great deal of rage building, seeing images of Buttercup screaming in rage, combined with visions of fire. She loses concentration and also loses her control of the Minotaur, who takes the opportunity to run for his life.
Lexi offers those tied up a chance to escape in return for information. Lexi grabs the angel and begins to run out, but Tad attacks them. Tad de-pants the angel (with his mouth).
As they clear the cave entrance, it begins to rumble and lift. Beneath it are legs that extend, and arms pull away from the mass. At the top, two red eyes glow.


The Minotaur dives out of the cave but his legs get caught by the mountain’s teeth. The mountain shakes him fiercely and lets go, throwing him to the ground hard. Spectre rushes to his side in attempt to save him, but just as she reaches him, his last breath leaves him. This causes her rage to peak.
Daywalker shoots a bolt of magic at the mountain and had no effect. Daywalker disappears.
The mountain prepares a giant fist and aims for Tad. Tad belches and amazingly counters the force of the mountain’s strike, stunning the giant monster for a moment.
Lexi does a fly-by attack, landing a good punch on the giant jaw of the mountain.
Spectre rages and shouts audibly, blasting fire at the giant.
Tad attacks the mountain’s leg, but he doesn’t seem affected again.
The monster scoops up a giant clump of earth and molds it into a boulder and launches it at Lexi, who not only survives the attack, but amazingly catches the boulder in mid-air.
Spectre flies up to his head, places both hands on him, yells again and as fire begins to glow from her hands, the earth begins to melt.
Tad, Daywalker, Lexi target the mountain together and focus their fire, chipping away at its defenses.
The mountain begins to fall forward, preparing an epic body-slam. While everyone moves out of the way, Daywalker stays in the danger zone and is slammed. His shadowy form moves out from beneath the mass and quickly regenerates to full strength.
Lexi flies away from the battle momentarily, building an insane amount of speed and slams into the mountain after breaking the sound-barrier. Chunks go flying after Lexi hits and she lands at the base of the mountain.
Meanwhile, Tad flies to a nearby peak and uses his talents to create an avalanche. Tad belches again and speeds the avalanche up. When it hits Lexi, she is unmoved. Spectre disappears just as the massive force hits the mountain.
Assembly mimics the mountain, growing in size, strength, and constitution. He lunges at the mountain an pounds him. The mountain again seems undamaged, so assembly tries another tactic: Mind Switch. However, the mountain resists in a surprising display of psionic defense.
The mountain grapples Daywalker and begins to drain his un-life away. As he does so, Spectre flies back onto his head and places her hands back in the holes created by her first attack, and burns him again, this time manipulating his emotions into a state of joy and happiness. He stops draining Daywalker and smiles happily.
Tad flies up the mountain’s face and coerces him into smiling widely – and as soon as he does he belches right into his mouth. Unfortunately, the mountain was not hurt, but instead he giggles.
Finally, Assembly takes control of the mountain. Daywalker flies into the mountain’s mouth and investigates the inside where he finds the dead bodies inside.
When the mountain, inside of assembly’s body, realizes what has happened, he feels himself. He pulls his own arm off and screams in horror, then flails it around a bit playfully. He then reattaches the arm. Meanwhile, the team attacks and begins to bring down the mountain. Spectre melts his head, Lexi slams back into him and mach speed, Daywalker attacks from within and Tad blasts away more of his rocky armor. As the team heads inside of the mountain to investigate, the mountain’s maw slams shut. Before long, they are mysteriously drained and fall unconscious.

Metal slabs, metal bindings. As Spectre wakes up, a voice says, “Ah ah ah, the moment you go insubstantial, your friends will be incinerated”
Daywalker asks, “Are you Wyndham?”
“That is a name I go by. I have evolved beyond the need for a name.”
They appear to be inside of a lab, much more complex than the one seen before. Standing in the middle of the room is a man in a white lab coat with dark hair pulled back, skin pale. “I am the next stage of evolution and I invite you all to join me.”
As Lexi goes unconscious, Wyndham notices, excuses himself, and heads to a computer. Tad and Daywalker attempt to distract him by bickering over who gets to rape Lexi. It works, and Wyndham moves back to stop the fighting. He pulls down a spiked collar around Tad’s neck in an attempt to stop the fighting.

Lexi hacks the computer and finds the team as entries in a database, and that the tables seem to be radiating the draining field. She is able to find the trigger for the weight incineration, and disables it. An alarm goes off and Lexi is chased by an agent. Two of her protective sprites are taken out immediately and as she races to the controls for the restraints, the agent catches up to her.
Daywalker hears a small clicking from below and then the restraints are released by Lexi in the matrix.
Daywalker attacks Wyndham and bites him. He is attacked by a mental force but resists the impact. Suddenly, Wyndham morphs into Daywalker’s image. The team moves away from the tables and begins to feel their powers slowly returning. Daywalker returns to move Lexi away from the table so she can escape from the matrix.
A massive mental force hits Tad and he is staggered but still standing. He was knocked into the tables so he begins to feel the drain again. In the matrix, Lexi tries to assess the room but is found again by the agent. With a massive swing, Lexi is staggered.
Daywalker attempts to grapple Wyndham. In return, Wyndham tries to grapple Daywalker.
Lexi fights the agent with her sprites, almost knocking the agent out of the fight, but after her final attempt the agent is still standing. She pulls the lever to open the floor. The program gives her bow before preparing its next attack against her.
The flame pit opens, and Tad takes the opportunity to ignite the air around Wyndham with a fart. The attack disgusts Wyndham and he says, “Your perversion will not kill me,” when suddenly Assembly shouts, “But I will!” And tackles Wyndham. He uses his weight to push Wyndham back – the pale scientist can’t withstand Assembly’s strength and is forced into the flame pit. He screams, “You can’t do this to me! I am the high evolutionary!” Assembly and he go over the edge and into the flames.
However, Wyndham begins to rise again, flying out of the pit. Just as he is about to clear the pit, he gets too close to the draining slabs and is robbed of his flight powers. He falls back into the flames. Assembly was prepared to sacrifice his life to end the insanity of his creator, but Spectre flies into the flames and retrieves Assembly before he is completely burned.

It Ends with Teeth
Will this be the end for our heroes? Or will Tad's end save them all again? Stay tuned and you'll soon learn the answer to all of your questions

Patrick Mahoney awakens to restraints and the rotten smell of Assembly who is roughly finishing the disarming and search of the Orc’s person. Assembly’s companions begin to gather, watching his anger-fueled actions.

Turning to address them, he says “the Orc is waking up. All he had on him was this shilly-log.” He tosses the shillelagh to the side in disgust before lowering his gaze back to the Orc on the ground.

Blinking in disbelief, Patrick finally manages to utter “how could you get through!?”

Assembly likely missed the hint of a greater plot, but covers with what he deems a safe catch-all demand: “Tell me everything.”

Patrick begins to make excuses muttering "Look, I’m just a guy… standing in front—“

“Tell us what’s going on or else…” Tad butts in, then—wiggling his hips ever so slightly—finishes the threat with a playful wink and saying “you’ll have to spend a little time with us.”

This deeply disturbs the Orc on many levels, but he’s unable to dwell on the implications for long before Assembly angrily demands to know why he was trying to kill Wanda Maximov. “It’s my job,” the captive states plainly, still recovering from the imagery of what Tad might have meant.

Knowing Assembly’s anger is getting in the way of his questioning of the Orc, Tad quickly follows up by asking “why her specifically?”

“She’s a mutant,” comes another blunt response.

Blinking, Tad asks “so you’re supposed to kill mutants in general?”

After a brief pause, Tad turns around, bends over slightly, and begins spreading his cheeks apart. “Tell my why you’re harvesting mutants or I’ll melt your face.”

“OKAY!” Horror-struck, Patrick explains that the reason behind the mutant harvesting is for what he claims to be “the betterment of mutant kind” according to a man he identifies as “Mr. Windham.”

Now even more curious, Tad and Assembly continue questioning their captive, but only enjoy few exchanges with the prisoner until interrupted by the entrance of Wanda, even more enraged than Assembly. The two are able to prevent her from killing him outright by convincing her Assembly could use him to mimic his form, perhaps gaining access to this “Mr. Windham.” They continue hatching their plan right in front of Patrick, who doesn’t seem to mind so long as it doesn’t end in his death.

Suddenly, Alexi rushes forward, shouting “BOMB! We only have seconds!” She grabs the Orc’s head, tears it from his body, and hurls it straight upward into the night sky. After a large explosion, the group feels bits of brain matter, hunks of flesh, chunks of skull, and a light mist falling down gently upon them.

Irongirl head

Wanda begins to walk away in disgust, but stops dead in her tracks at the sight of Daywalker; his mouth gaping open, tongue extended to catch droplets of blood. Feeling her gaze upon him, he turns to her, stating how much he “enjoys catching rain drops” in that manner. Without giving her time to respond, he gestures toward the headless corpse, saying “you know, I shouldn’t let that go to waste.”

Mostly disgusted, some merely uninterested, the group leaves Daywalker to feed on the corpse and return to the interior of the facility. Inside, they learn the portal takes them just outside the City of Nagadon. They pull all data from the server, and then discern that destroying the computers causes the portal to collapse. This leads to the discovery of a strange half-ton disc which seemed to somehow maintain the portal between facilities.

They study the data which turns out to be a huge database of mutant powers paired with dates and locations. Assembly is able to ascertain that the list is a mutant harvesting list as these date, location, and power listings coincide with some incidents he was aware of already.

Later, the group is finally on the plane. Alexi spends a bit of extra effort speaking with Wanda in an attempt to gain a useful contact. This effort may be undone by Spectre’s boredom because Wanda foolishly addresses Spectre, inquiring as to why she never speaks. Effectively changing the subject, Spectre’s manifested form vanishes from sight. Invisible to the naked eye, she flies forward possessing Wanda.

When Wanda returns to her body, she discovers most of her clothes tossed about the cargo bay and spots Tad wearing nothing but boxers and a tie. Noticing her anger begin to peak, Tad is prompted to follow up with a joke about Wanda’s Minotaur mother in bed which causes the confused woman to fly into a rage. She tries to blast Tad with a strange bolt of magical energy, but—having been in similar situations many times in the past—Tad was ready for it and easily deflects the bolt harmlessly away with a belch of kinetic energy.

Fortunately the plane was beginning its descent, so it was easy to comply with the furious woman’s demand that the plane be landed immediately. From the pilot’s cockpit, Alexi wishes her and her mother well and is answered by a great deal of feedback, somehow caused by Wanda.

Next, the group decides to track and follow the source of Patrick Mahoney’s cranial bomb message to Geneava. Once there, they continue to an area near the Furka Pass and discover that this area, like the previous, shows no signs of non-mutant life.

Scouring the area reveals a cave which, upon investigation, reveals a pair of large, steel, double-doors. Alexi finds the nearly-undetectable sensor, hacks it, and sends the appropriate code to open the doors. The interior passageway is pitch black and the group is forced to use their vision enhancements to pick their way down the corridor.

It ends in a small, well-lit, square room. A tiny surveillance camera, a huge, metal table, and another normal-sized door on the far wall make up the contents of the room. Alexi strides across the room, bursts open the door, and sets off an alarm. Within, several foes eagerly await their arrival. Alexi’s allies rush to her aid and quickly dispatch the Succubus, Minotaur, Angel, and the oozing human.

During the fight, they learned from the Succubus’ boasting that their intent was to mutate all mankind, but they have little time to ponder this…

…the earth begins to rumble and from the darkness above, they see nothing but the movement of massive teeth.

Darkness teeth

LOOSE RANDOM NOTE: Mahoney had served as a champion for one of the lords. No idea where that goes…

Frozen Planes, Tad Trains, and...<sigh> Portals
Tad Centaur Sandwhich, Alexi is Awesome, Dwight Rules!, Whorehey, Tot-say-what?!, Groping Vines

Frozen jet

The Stoners, er- the Mutant Impossible team approach M for a few days off on ‘personal’ business for their limb-challenged friend, Assembly. Reluctantly M agrees saying he ’doesn’t want to know’ but glares like he already does. After a prolonged inspection of the VTOL-craft procured for their trip the team sets off for the frozen nether regions of Yakut – known to the world as Awakened Siberia. A land ruled by a mysterious spirit queen and sparsely populated with all manner of bizarre awakened meta-sapients. Tad’s interest is peaked. Daywalker vamps the controls and takes a southern route.

The VTOL-craft hovers and gently lands on the hard permafrost with a crunch. The craft’s ramp unfolds as the team exits and walks the 7 miles across the frozen tundra and into the tent city of Novi as darkness hastens.

Centaur fire by gwind ithil

Bonfire revelry quickly catches everyone’s attention, though Spectre is careful not to approach too close to the distant glow of firelight. Tad strolls into the dancing rave of meta-sapients and finds himself jostled against a fair looking filly, short even for a centaur but a familiar woman steps between him and his delectable target. Wanda, former KGB and the centaur girl’s mother. Tad strikes a bargain, her daughter’s unlikely-virginity for help in locating an ork by the name of Patrick Mahoney. Known to Assembly as the ‘dumper of bodies’ from his time skulking in the sewers of London.

Wanda confirms the ork is somewhere in Novi and leaves to try and find him for the team. Daywalker follows and Tad carouses until he finds a centaur lass and a tent for the night. Spectre in her materialized form hassles some sash wearing creatures but appears somewhat frustrated with her inability to speak and settles for rude gestures. Alexi follows her back to the jet where they both work on alternative means to locate the ork. Magic, psionics, science, blood, or tad’s hormones. One way or another he would be found.

Thick vines

Inside a large tent the team locates the ork but he has slipped away through a portal of some kind. Blindly the team surge through after him, Alexi bringing up the rear. Inside Wanda has been bound and vines reach out to grab tad. A plant simulcrum of the ork crumbles to dust from attacks and Wanda is freed. Suddenly the ork appears, burrowing from the ground, and leaps back out the portal only to be pummeled into unconsciousness.

Assembly: “Gee that was easy.”
Alex: eyes narrow “A little too easy.”
Tad: “Wait!” grins and looks around “Who’s easy?”


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