Mutant Impossible



In front of them was nothing but a wasteland remains of London. A moment of silence passed over them as their separate realities collided. Excepting Assembly, who had kept his consciousness in tact through both realities, and Blue Eyes, who was instead wracked very briefly with pain and fuzzy memory of a childhood death. Once they were no longer distracted by the melding of personalities, they noticed their Russian companion, Wanda, unconscious. Ivan conjured a nurse to assess her condition, and the nurse announced that Wanda was in a coma.

They visited the MI6 headquarters that was nothing but rubble now. Twisted metal encased an unconscious M, who still wore his protective helmet. The conjured nurse examined him and also announced that he was in a coma. Lexi removed his helmet and placed him into her suit, then sent him to the nearest operating hospital. Blue Eyes suddenly became faint and sick, dropping to her knees. After a bit of experimentation, it became obvious that the material of M’s protective helmet had strong weakening effects on her. Then, as they settled, Assembly began to shimmer as he shifted reality. His power rippled through the air and suddenly, a banging echoed from beneath them. Inside of a shelter underground, miraculously, was Q, the quartermaster. When they uncovered him, he was writhing on the ground, changing colors. At the same time, Assembly began to transform. His skin color turned a purple color, while his nails and canines elongated. Quickly, Assembly covered up his transformation by morphing his appearance into his original form.

They decided to visit the hospital where M was in an attempt to figure out their next plan. When they arrived, both M and Wanda were still in comas and could not offer any advice. However, breaking news reported that the newly appointed Pope claimed the destruction of London was an “Act of God” and that it was punishment for harboring and collaborating with mutants. This gave the group a new lead to investigate. A bit of debate stalled them before finally deciding to head to Paris in search of contacts.

In Paris, Lexi reconnected with an old peer who informed her that a few other MI6 agents had survived the attacks, but not many. She also learned that many members of the church under the Pope were being prosecuted for having mutant abilities or affiliations. Again, debate rose up on their next action. Those not previously associated with MI6 were ready to charge into battle with the Pope, if not for being behind the attack, then at least for his claims and actions following the attack. An agreement was reached where the new-found team members would be contracted as mercenaries under MI6 and would receive pay for their work. Under the leadership of Assembly, they agreed to head to Rome and seek allies.


A Cardinal accused of Mutant associations was being held in the Vatican, and this man would be their first ally in the fight against the Pope. But first, they had to free him. Using the power of illusion, the group walked right into the front the doors of the Vatican. At the last moment, Lexi taunted the guards, who she believed could not perceive her. However, fate dealt Lexi an unfortunate surprise, and with her gesture to the guard, he was alerted of their presences. As they walked down the middle of the hall, cameras patrolled their pathway. Lexi used her power over electronics to disable one of the cameras – but again, luck was on the other side of the lense. At that moment, Jaqen noticed that they were being followed by one of the entrance guards. With the stealth of a shadow, he teleport behind the guard, pulled him behind a pillar with the persuasion of a knife blade, and slit his throat. Jaqen then took the guard’s appearance and strolled back into the hallway. For now, they seemed safe.

As they entered the holding cells, the Cardinal was just being chained up and led out. Ready for a fight, Blue Eyes ran in with the confidence of surprise. However, the guards were ready for them, and despite landing a good punch on the first guard’s jaw, she was caught in the side with a large spear. Instantly, her power was drained and she could barely maintain her grip around the guard’s neck. Assembly charged in and slammed into a guard heavily, drawing in attacks away from Blue Eyes. One spear shot up for Assembly’s throat, but the mutant would not be taken down so easily. The spear was unable to damage him and as the fight escalated, Ivan created a giant bird cloaked in the illusion of a guard with a rocket launcher. As the bird loaded its attack, Lexi dove into battle, nimbly striking at pressure points. Jaqen joined in, breaching a guard’s armor with his dagger. Finally, Ivan’s minion loosed a blast into the melee. Luckily, his powers were protected from damaging his allies, and the destruction only affected the holy guards. As the guards were overwhelmed by the mutants, they revealed their arms were an abomination of sewed on mutated limbs. In a desperate attempt to fight, they used those mutant powers. Despite the use of powers, the guards were defeated shortly after. However, the team now had to rescue the Cardinal and survive with the secret of the pope’s guard!


RurouniQ Veratti

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