Mutant Impossible

Frozen Planes, Tad Trains, and...<sigh> Portals

Tad Centaur Sandwhich, Alexi is Awesome, Dwight Rules!, Whorehey, Tot-say-what?!, Groping Vines

Frozen jet

The Stoners, er- the Mutant Impossible team approach M for a few days off on ‘personal’ business for their limb-challenged friend, Assembly. Reluctantly M agrees saying he ’doesn’t want to know’ but glares like he already does. After a prolonged inspection of the VTOL-craft procured for their trip the team sets off for the frozen nether regions of Yakut – known to the world as Awakened Siberia. A land ruled by a mysterious spirit queen and sparsely populated with all manner of bizarre awakened meta-sapients. Tad’s interest is peaked. Daywalker vamps the controls and takes a southern route.

The VTOL-craft hovers and gently lands on the hard permafrost with a crunch. The craft’s ramp unfolds as the team exits and walks the 7 miles across the frozen tundra and into the tent city of Novi as darkness hastens.

Centaur fire by gwind ithil

Bonfire revelry quickly catches everyone’s attention, though Spectre is careful not to approach too close to the distant glow of firelight. Tad strolls into the dancing rave of meta-sapients and finds himself jostled against a fair looking filly, short even for a centaur but a familiar woman steps between him and his delectable target. Wanda, former KGB and the centaur girl’s mother. Tad strikes a bargain, her daughter’s unlikely-virginity for help in locating an ork by the name of Patrick Mahoney. Known to Assembly as the ‘dumper of bodies’ from his time skulking in the sewers of London.

Wanda confirms the ork is somewhere in Novi and leaves to try and find him for the team. Daywalker follows and Tad carouses until he finds a centaur lass and a tent for the night. Spectre in her materialized form hassles some sash wearing creatures but appears somewhat frustrated with her inability to speak and settles for rude gestures. Alexi follows her back to the jet where they both work on alternative means to locate the ork. Magic, psionics, science, blood, or tad’s hormones. One way or another he would be found.

Thick vines

Inside a large tent the team locates the ork but he has slipped away through a portal of some kind. Blindly the team surge through after him, Alexi bringing up the rear. Inside Wanda has been bound and vines reach out to grab tad. A plant simulcrum of the ork crumbles to dust from attacks and Wanda is freed. Suddenly the ork appears, burrowing from the ground, and leaps back out the portal only to be pummeled into unconsciousness.

Assembly: “Gee that was easy.”
Alex: eyes narrow “A little too easy.”
Tad: “Wait!” grins and looks around “Who’s easy?”


RurouniQ Reliquary

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