Mutant Impossible

It Ends with Teeth

Will this be the end for our heroes? Or will Tad's end save them all again? Stay tuned and you'll soon learn the answer to all of your questions

Patrick Mahoney awakens to restraints and the rotten smell of Assembly who is roughly finishing the disarming and search of the Orc’s person. Assembly’s companions begin to gather, watching his anger-fueled actions.

Turning to address them, he says “the Orc is waking up. All he had on him was this shilly-log.” He tosses the shillelagh to the side in disgust before lowering his gaze back to the Orc on the ground.

Blinking in disbelief, Patrick finally manages to utter “how could you get through!?”

Assembly likely missed the hint of a greater plot, but covers with what he deems a safe catch-all demand: “Tell me everything.”

Patrick begins to make excuses muttering "Look, I’m just a guy… standing in front—“

“Tell us what’s going on or else…” Tad butts in, then—wiggling his hips ever so slightly—finishes the threat with a playful wink and saying “you’ll have to spend a little time with us.”

This deeply disturbs the Orc on many levels, but he’s unable to dwell on the implications for long before Assembly angrily demands to know why he was trying to kill Wanda Maximov. “It’s my job,” the captive states plainly, still recovering from the imagery of what Tad might have meant.

Knowing Assembly’s anger is getting in the way of his questioning of the Orc, Tad quickly follows up by asking “why her specifically?”

“She’s a mutant,” comes another blunt response.

Blinking, Tad asks “so you’re supposed to kill mutants in general?”

After a brief pause, Tad turns around, bends over slightly, and begins spreading his cheeks apart. “Tell my why you’re harvesting mutants or I’ll melt your face.”

“OKAY!” Horror-struck, Patrick explains that the reason behind the mutant harvesting is for what he claims to be “the betterment of mutant kind” according to a man he identifies as “Mr. Windham.”

Now even more curious, Tad and Assembly continue questioning their captive, but only enjoy few exchanges with the prisoner until interrupted by the entrance of Wanda, even more enraged than Assembly. The two are able to prevent her from killing him outright by convincing her Assembly could use him to mimic his form, perhaps gaining access to this “Mr. Windham.” They continue hatching their plan right in front of Patrick, who doesn’t seem to mind so long as it doesn’t end in his death.

Suddenly, Alexi rushes forward, shouting “BOMB! We only have seconds!” She grabs the Orc’s head, tears it from his body, and hurls it straight upward into the night sky. After a large explosion, the group feels bits of brain matter, hunks of flesh, chunks of skull, and a light mist falling down gently upon them.

Irongirl head

Wanda begins to walk away in disgust, but stops dead in her tracks at the sight of Daywalker; his mouth gaping open, tongue extended to catch droplets of blood. Feeling her gaze upon him, he turns to her, stating how much he “enjoys catching rain drops” in that manner. Without giving her time to respond, he gestures toward the headless corpse, saying “you know, I shouldn’t let that go to waste.”

Mostly disgusted, some merely uninterested, the group leaves Daywalker to feed on the corpse and return to the interior of the facility. Inside, they learn the portal takes them just outside the City of Nagadon. They pull all data from the server, and then discern that destroying the computers causes the portal to collapse. This leads to the discovery of a strange half-ton disc which seemed to somehow maintain the portal between facilities.

They study the data which turns out to be a huge database of mutant powers paired with dates and locations. Assembly is able to ascertain that the list is a mutant harvesting list as these date, location, and power listings coincide with some incidents he was aware of already.

Later, the group is finally on the plane. Alexi spends a bit of extra effort speaking with Wanda in an attempt to gain a useful contact. This effort may be undone by Spectre’s boredom because Wanda foolishly addresses Spectre, inquiring as to why she never speaks. Effectively changing the subject, Spectre’s manifested form vanishes from sight. Invisible to the naked eye, she flies forward possessing Wanda.

When Wanda returns to her body, she discovers most of her clothes tossed about the cargo bay and spots Tad wearing nothing but boxers and a tie. Noticing her anger begin to peak, Tad is prompted to follow up with a joke about Wanda’s Minotaur mother in bed which causes the confused woman to fly into a rage. She tries to blast Tad with a strange bolt of magical energy, but—having been in similar situations many times in the past—Tad was ready for it and easily deflects the bolt harmlessly away with a belch of kinetic energy.

Fortunately the plane was beginning its descent, so it was easy to comply with the furious woman’s demand that the plane be landed immediately. From the pilot’s cockpit, Alexi wishes her and her mother well and is answered by a great deal of feedback, somehow caused by Wanda.

Next, the group decides to track and follow the source of Patrick Mahoney’s cranial bomb message to Geneava. Once there, they continue to an area near the Furka Pass and discover that this area, like the previous, shows no signs of non-mutant life.

Scouring the area reveals a cave which, upon investigation, reveals a pair of large, steel, double-doors. Alexi finds the nearly-undetectable sensor, hacks it, and sends the appropriate code to open the doors. The interior passageway is pitch black and the group is forced to use their vision enhancements to pick their way down the corridor.

It ends in a small, well-lit, square room. A tiny surveillance camera, a huge, metal table, and another normal-sized door on the far wall make up the contents of the room. Alexi strides across the room, bursts open the door, and sets off an alarm. Within, several foes eagerly await their arrival. Alexi’s allies rush to her aid and quickly dispatch the Succubus, Minotaur, Angel, and the oozing human.

During the fight, they learned from the Succubus’ boasting that their intent was to mutate all mankind, but they have little time to ponder this…

…the earth begins to rumble and from the darkness above, they see nothing but the movement of massive teeth.

Darkness teeth

LOOSE RANDOM NOTE: Mahoney had served as a champion for one of the lords. No idea where that goes…


RurouniQ Dwight

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