Mutant Impossible

Mountain of Lies


The whole cavern shakes, swaying. The tied up enemies just start laughing. Spectre begins to feel a great deal of rage building, seeing images of Buttercup screaming in rage, combined with visions of fire. She loses concentration and also loses her control of the Minotaur, who takes the opportunity to run for his life.
Lexi offers those tied up a chance to escape in return for information. Lexi grabs the angel and begins to run out, but Tad attacks them. Tad de-pants the angel (with his mouth).
As they clear the cave entrance, it begins to rumble and lift. Beneath it are legs that extend, and arms pull away from the mass. At the top, two red eyes glow.


The Minotaur dives out of the cave but his legs get caught by the mountain’s teeth. The mountain shakes him fiercely and lets go, throwing him to the ground hard. Spectre rushes to his side in attempt to save him, but just as she reaches him, his last breath leaves him. This causes her rage to peak.
Daywalker shoots a bolt of magic at the mountain and had no effect. Daywalker disappears.
The mountain prepares a giant fist and aims for Tad. Tad belches and amazingly counters the force of the mountain’s strike, stunning the giant monster for a moment.
Lexi does a fly-by attack, landing a good punch on the giant jaw of the mountain.
Spectre rages and shouts audibly, blasting fire at the giant.
Tad attacks the mountain’s leg, but he doesn’t seem affected again.
The monster scoops up a giant clump of earth and molds it into a boulder and launches it at Lexi, who not only survives the attack, but amazingly catches the boulder in mid-air.
Spectre flies up to his head, places both hands on him, yells again and as fire begins to glow from her hands, the earth begins to melt.
Tad, Daywalker, Lexi target the mountain together and focus their fire, chipping away at its defenses.
The mountain begins to fall forward, preparing an epic body-slam. While everyone moves out of the way, Daywalker stays in the danger zone and is slammed. His shadowy form moves out from beneath the mass and quickly regenerates to full strength.
Lexi flies away from the battle momentarily, building an insane amount of speed and slams into the mountain after breaking the sound-barrier. Chunks go flying after Lexi hits and she lands at the base of the mountain.
Meanwhile, Tad flies to a nearby peak and uses his talents to create an avalanche. Tad belches again and speeds the avalanche up. When it hits Lexi, she is unmoved. Spectre disappears just as the massive force hits the mountain.
Assembly mimics the mountain, growing in size, strength, and constitution. He lunges at the mountain an pounds him. The mountain again seems undamaged, so assembly tries another tactic: Mind Switch. However, the mountain resists in a surprising display of psionic defense.
The mountain grapples Daywalker and begins to drain his un-life away. As he does so, Spectre flies back onto his head and places her hands back in the holes created by her first attack, and burns him again, this time manipulating his emotions into a state of joy and happiness. He stops draining Daywalker and smiles happily.
Tad flies up the mountain’s face and coerces him into smiling widely – and as soon as he does he belches right into his mouth. Unfortunately, the mountain was not hurt, but instead he giggles.
Finally, Assembly takes control of the mountain. Daywalker flies into the mountain’s mouth and investigates the inside where he finds the dead bodies inside.
When the mountain, inside of assembly’s body, realizes what has happened, he feels himself. He pulls his own arm off and screams in horror, then flails it around a bit playfully. He then reattaches the arm. Meanwhile, the team attacks and begins to bring down the mountain. Spectre melts his head, Lexi slams back into him and mach speed, Daywalker attacks from within and Tad blasts away more of his rocky armor. As the team heads inside of the mountain to investigate, the mountain’s maw slams shut. Before long, they are mysteriously drained and fall unconscious.

Metal slabs, metal bindings. As Spectre wakes up, a voice says, “Ah ah ah, the moment you go insubstantial, your friends will be incinerated”
Daywalker asks, “Are you Wyndham?”
“That is a name I go by. I have evolved beyond the need for a name.”
They appear to be inside of a lab, much more complex than the one seen before. Standing in the middle of the room is a man in a white lab coat with dark hair pulled back, skin pale. “I am the next stage of evolution and I invite you all to join me.”
As Lexi goes unconscious, Wyndham notices, excuses himself, and heads to a computer. Tad and Daywalker attempt to distract him by bickering over who gets to rape Lexi. It works, and Wyndham moves back to stop the fighting. He pulls down a spiked collar around Tad’s neck in an attempt to stop the fighting.

Lexi hacks the computer and finds the team as entries in a database, and that the tables seem to be radiating the draining field. She is able to find the trigger for the weight incineration, and disables it. An alarm goes off and Lexi is chased by an agent. Two of her protective sprites are taken out immediately and as she races to the controls for the restraints, the agent catches up to her.
Daywalker hears a small clicking from below and then the restraints are released by Lexi in the matrix.
Daywalker attacks Wyndham and bites him. He is attacked by a mental force but resists the impact. Suddenly, Wyndham morphs into Daywalker’s image. The team moves away from the tables and begins to feel their powers slowly returning. Daywalker returns to move Lexi away from the table so she can escape from the matrix.
A massive mental force hits Tad and he is staggered but still standing. He was knocked into the tables so he begins to feel the drain again. In the matrix, Lexi tries to assess the room but is found again by the agent. With a massive swing, Lexi is staggered.
Daywalker attempts to grapple Wyndham. In return, Wyndham tries to grapple Daywalker.
Lexi fights the agent with her sprites, almost knocking the agent out of the fight, but after her final attempt the agent is still standing. She pulls the lever to open the floor. The program gives her bow before preparing its next attack against her.
The flame pit opens, and Tad takes the opportunity to ignite the air around Wyndham with a fart. The attack disgusts Wyndham and he says, “Your perversion will not kill me,” when suddenly Assembly shouts, “But I will!” And tackles Wyndham. He uses his weight to push Wyndham back – the pale scientist can’t withstand Assembly’s strength and is forced into the flame pit. He screams, “You can’t do this to me! I am the high evolutionary!” Assembly and he go over the edge and into the flames.
However, Wyndham begins to rise again, flying out of the pit. Just as he is about to clear the pit, he gets too close to the draining slabs and is robbed of his flight powers. He falls back into the flames. Assembly was prepared to sacrifice his life to end the insanity of his creator, but Spectre flies into the flames and retrieves Assembly before he is completely burned.


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