Mutant Impossible


As Team 6 prepared to return to London as both heroes and fugitives, they received a call from Howard Stark, whose building Spectrecup had just destroyed. He thanked them for taking care of the Stane in his company and mentioned that Agent Alexis Hollingberry was wearing his suit and that he new about all of the porn on their machines. He wanted to meet with them the following day, stating their line was not secure and “P” owed him.

Shattered sky by vimark d4pspy7

Since the meeting was to take place back at headquarters, the team flew home, but were greeted by a shocking site. The sky was falling in sections, leaving only darkness behind and destruction below. Seeking to avoid the falling sky, the team flew towards the darkness. What exactly happened after that is unclear. Spectre fled the aircraft and was not seen again. The remainder of the team seemed to vanish into the darkness, yet only two of them found themselves together in the prison world they had flown into.


Only Assembly remembered his past life. To Lexi, along with the other mutants and political prisoners in the prison, it seemed like this new world was all she’d ever known. In fact, she thought she was a criminal instead of a MI-6 agent and hero, and remembered an entirely different history in which His Holiness ruled with a powerful item called the Hand of God. In this alternate reality, His Holiness had an entire army of robots which had both captured the world’s mutants as well as guarded over them in the prison. The mutants were also forced to wear collars and other items to control their powers and Lexi had been separated from her suit, which she thankfully had memory of.

Assembly and Lexi had both been assigned to a small group of other prisoners, most of whom were all relatively keen on the idea of escaping, including a political prisoner with no powers named Zemo who had obtained a key card that might help them escape, an apparently dimwitted mutant going by Jaqen, a skilled fighter named Valar, and a quiet and possibly insane mutant named Ivan (not that anyone asked each other’s names).

Suddenly, a prisoner was called to go before the parole board to basically plead for his life. Everyone watched somberly as the terrified prisoner was taken out. Moments later, however, he burst back into the room, shouting “The witch lives!” before he was dragged out again. The witch was a legend amongst the resistance to His Holiness.

Ivan stated that he thought he could take care of the cameras, so the prisoners decided to make their move. Valar started a fight with the girl who unofficially ruled the female cellblock, along with her bicycle and boner disciples, and beat on them until the robot guards intervened.

Girl fight

Meanwhile, Lexi attacked Ivan, choking him to mask the removal of his dampening collar. When she succeeded, however, alarms began to sound and the robots all turned their attention to Ivan… who was nowhere to be found. Despite their scanners, they could not see through his illusions. He then assisted Valar by sending an illusionary robot who attacked the robots on her and switched places with her in the chaos.

Lexi, Jaqen and Assembly (through the use of his power mimicry abilities) continued removing Valar then each other’s collars, despite the risk of some of them being explosive, until they were all free. Then they followed Valar as she led the charge through the robot reinforcements. Valar and Assembly plowed through the robots and Jaqen deftly ran across them as they flew in, causing them to crash in surprise.

Meanwhile, Lexi had been trying to mentally regain control of her suit and recharge its depleted power. She managed to cause one of the hands to launch into a stasis pod, apparently holding another prisoner, and drained the power out of the pod. This released its prisoner, however, who turned out to be the witch. She flew them all up out of the prison so they could see the small but expanding world below and explained that it was an alternate reality of His Holiness’s creation. The group agreed to go back to the world they originally came from and seek revenge and/or justice, so she opened a portal and they all passed through.

Once on the other side, they beheld the ruined skyline of London and their two lives and memories crashed together, intermixing in a confused jumble, as they tried to sort out what to do next…


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