Mutant Impossible

The Rim Job

2 Girls, 1 Spectercup

Dragon Reborn

Assembly recovers from his severe burns by absorbing some of the body parts that had been laying around the lab. The rest of the party drains the bluish-clear bubbling liquid from the glass tubes to recover the experimental baby. They then return to the MI-6 base.

In there, the baby is given in the care of MI-6 as a frantic “M” urges the agents to deal with the situation in Manhattan. Assembly arms himself with nano-fiber chainsuckles, Tad Prescott Sterling looks for corrosive grenades, and Agent Alexis Hollingberry gets new missiles for her suit.

They load into a plane together with Billy Kaplan, who is quite interested in dealing with the metallic dragon assaulting the metropolis. Upon arrival to the island, they find a magic barrier surrounding it. Daywalker, Spectre and Assembly attack the barrier physically while the others attack the mana shield. The barrier is disrupted enough and goes down, just as a jet from Evo corporation appears. The agents fly in head first while Specter heads towards towards the drone.

Specter finds Buttercup inside the jet, and after a tense reunion with much left to be said and done, they must head back to the battle. As they approach the rift, the dragon closes in and confronts Tad, while Alexis Hollingberry fires a missile which does no damage when it arrives at the rift. The dragon is not cooperative with information and further intrusion attempts from Assembly’s eyeball meet a sad fate.

Attack of the drones

Billy asks the team to investigate a source of power for the barrier, located beneath them at the Stark corporation building in Madison Square. The news and surveillance drones suddenly all turn towards the group and fly kamikaze style to attack them. The jets do not take the attack well and begin to malfunction! Buttercup starts to fall through one of the holes in her jet, but Specter flies in after she falls to try to catch her. After the attack the team heads to the Stark building to investigate, but robotic constructs come out of the rift and attack.

Tad uses his massive belch to stop and destroy the first wave of attacking drones, And continues to hold off wave after wave of drones as they leave the rift.

Alexis suit starts malfunctioning, and finds out that it was made by Stark corporation, followed by Assembly and Billy. He pummels into the building and faces an intruder who has taken control of a secret device and despises the Starks. He has magic users who join him is his fight against the agents with the use of fire, shadow and mental powers.

Fire Woman

Fire girl wallpaper 1280x960

During this, Specter tries to stop Buttercup from dying from her fall, but starts merging with her, in a fiery ball of sexual energy. With new powers, she heads to the rift and confronts the dragon verbally. It asks Spectercup to join him, or face the consequences. She decides to attack him instead, denting his fine metallic armor. In rage, he starts opening the rift with enhanced strength, and two draconic forms join the fight. A tornado of fire appears around her further damaging the claws and slowing down the attack. She then blasts into the device powering up the rift in the middle of the Stark building, creating rippling explosions around the battle between the infiltrators and Alexi, Daywalker, Billy and Assembly. They quickly fly away from the exploding floor, collapsing the rest of the building and then finally destroying 500 ft of city landscape.

The dragon, desperately, is preparing a final attack as the rift starts to close. He inhales deeply, preparing for a final attack, so Tad takes advantage of the inhalation to belch directly into his mouth, while Alexi slams into it. The rift finishes closing.The flame that is Spectercup falls down to earth, in two different trails of flame as the women separate from their joined form. Alexi picks Specter up, and the team returns to base.

Mutant Possible

As the team watches the news, the see a report on themselves, with footage from some of the drones that were hacked. The president of the UCAS, president Nick Fury, addresses the issue on mutants, their existence, and the threat of their presence. The newly created [[S.H.I.E.L.D]] organization, or Saviours of Humanity by Intervention in the Evolution of Life-form Deviants, will take care of the mutant threat, an ominous statement regarding the future of the team.


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