Mister X

Terrorist Leader


Name: Unknown
Aliases: Mister X
Status: In custody, depowered
Race: Manifested spirit
Date of Birth: N/A
Place of Birth: N/A
Nationality: None
Height: Medium
Weight: Average
Build: Muscular
Occupation: Terrorist and psychic manifestation
Scars & Marks: Tattoos on neck
Hair Color: Blonde
Sex: Male
Abilities: Telepathy, mind control, martial artist
Remarks: Led attack on Westminster Abbey, with Hawkeye and Nitro to terrorize the House of Commons’ vote on upholding the Magical Practitioner Registration Act. Upon apprehension by MI6 agents, was revealed to be the manifestation of the id of Pendragon, the noted revolutionary and telepath in service to the Crown. Mister X’s defeat also meant that the majority of his power was returned to Pendragon, leaving him in a depleted and depowered state.

Has ranged mental abilities, with no physical contact necessary. Presence in Westminster Abbey assumes that line of sight is necessary for mental attacks, but it might be a range limitation of a few hundred yards. Mental attacks can disable opponents, even incorporeal ones like Spectre. Can also disrupt Mind Control powers and presumably counter Possession powers.


Mister X

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