Tad Prescott Sterling

Mutant Frat Boy


Tad comes from a well-off, well-connected family and enjoyed a privileged childhood in Edinburgh where he went to Edinburgh University. He was a legacy member of Delta Iota Kappa, and during one helluva binge of drunken frat boy stupidity, he ended up in the Scottish Fringe Toxic Zone. He’s not entirely sure what he did there, but when he came back he was changed.

The first time he noticed was at a party when he decided to show off his considerable belching prowess. Not only did he belch but he laid out several of his buddies! He also noticed his flatulence packed more of a punch and could even lift him off the ground. With time he discovered he could create other hilarious effects, as well, and focused his impressive yet dubious talents on the worthwhile pursuit of party tricks and pranks.

He continued to hone his skills through a series of drunken displays until he graduated… he’s not sure in what, but he always thought it would be cool to be a secret agent, so between his family’s connections, sincere enthusiasm and seeming inability to comprehend that failure could actually happen to him, and his unique but effective abilities, he managed to land himself a position as an agent at MI6.

Tad Prescott Sterling

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