Mutant Impossible

The Big Deceit

Champion Accusation

Twenty-one tense elf nobles and their champions find themselves in the middle of the capital meeting trying to solve The Pope’s murder.

Assembly is curious about the mentalist triplets and mentally contacts them. Unfortunately for him, his mind is like an open mind to the trio, who quickly scan his memories and thoughts. They are suspicious about his intentions, due to his work on MI-6 and masquerading like an elf. However, they all agree to cooperate to probe Lord O’Kennedy with the surprise factor of Assembly’s powers.

Alexis decides to probe the comm-link of Lord O’Kennedy, and sends an infiltration message to log in to his system and set off a digital bomb. In his virtual reality, he sees the code reforming itself and attacking him back, so he expeditiously retreats from the hot pursuit!

But just at that moment, a strange looking spherical champion attacks Lord O’Kennedy! Tad sends a belch his way in mid-air, while Spectre’s spirit zips there and possesses him. The champion attack is stopped by some magical barrier anyway, and the team quickly tries to escape notice, except for Daywalker who offers to help but is harshly rejected. Assembly tries to separate they two while subtly physically touching the Lord to bypass his mental defenses, but an invisible wall is in the way.

While this is all going on, Alexis wakes up from the attack and broadcasts to Team-6 that the Lord is an impostor. Agatha Harkness demands Lord O’Kennedy to prove his identity, but he refuses since he has the face and the ring to prove it. Assembly then morphs into a mirror image of the Lord, and the room erupts. Two angelic fey creatures, rulers of the spiritual world, bring down the Lord’s defenses and when injured, a three-fingered, devil-tailed blue girl bursts out of him.

Burning It Down

The creature quickly sends a comm-link message out, which is intercepted by Alexis and decoded as a message to Nazi Germany. The girl intends to escape, but Tad’s fumes strike her, and strike her blue companion as he appears next to her. Spectre gets into a massive magic battle with the girl, and after tense possessions and counter-possessions, Spectre finally pizzasses the blue girl so bad that she explodes in flames! The flames eventually spread to Tad’s gases and ignites the two creatures, defeating them and burning of their blue hair.

By mentally controlling him, Assembly finds from the Orc champion that he serves Mr. Wyndham, besides the House Lord he is sworn to. Assembly then gives the orc a GPS locator to ingest and asks Alexis to track him.

Interrogation Results

After the interrogation, Team-6 receives the official transcript. It turns out that the blue girl was actually the champion of Lord O’Kennedy. She had instructions to possess her Lord to present the accusation of the Lords on the world stage, for people to be able to point fingers. She is an agent of the Church of Nazi Germany, a land historically filled with Nazis, and top exporter of Nazis worldwide.

Assembly finds out the Orc champion Patrick Mahony operates in two locations, including a manor house outside of Dublin. He decides to investigate later, and takes the team to Siberia once he leaves the country.

News news!

  • The New Pope is a dick to technomancers!
  • Person with abilities robs Denver bank, 20 dog molesters dead!
Nuts, Why Is It Always About Nuts?

The Fellowship of the Nuts

Following a battle so awesome it could not be recorded in a mere adventure log, after beholding the face of a foe so terrifying the distance of a another plane seemed far too close for comfort, there was only one certainty that was clear to Team 6… Tad Prescott Sterling is one sexy bitch. Like a great, sexually-ambiguous eagle with irritable bowels, with Tommy tucked under one wing and the fate of the world in his mighty talons, Tad took flight across Tír na nÓg to hunt down the evil-doers responsible for the pope’s assassination, for they would be his prey!

Oh, and the rest of Team 6 was there, too. And Agatha Harkness tagged along, as well, since she’s a champion of one of the houses Team 6 needed to investigate. And they actually drove more than flew in a POS van they stole/bought in Belfast. But what was important was that Tad’s nuts had saved the day… and that’s when they were suddenly tossed into terrible, fluffy danger.

Nut-Seeking Missiles In The Night
Squirrel girl attack

It began with a howl in the darkness. Agatha began acting nervous, but before the team could discover why, a tiny rodent came careening out of the countryside and ran straight at the vehicle. They thought they were in the clear when it only managed to crack the windshield, but Alexi could see there were many more coming. Daywalker took post outside the vehicle and Tad prepared to belch the incoming squirrel swarm out of the way, when Squirrel Girl launched through the darkness and struck the side of the van.

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The sturdy POS was not sufficiently swayed, however, and Tad cleared the way while Daywalker attempted to deal with Squirrel Girl. She struck him so powerfully, however, that he was sent sprawling from the speeding vehicle, so Spectre moved in to take her down while Assembly made a moon roof so he could join the fight, as well.

Unfortunately, once Squirrel Girl was dislodged, Alexi thought it would be a good idea to use a rocket launcher against her. Although the explosion seemed effective, Spectre was sent fleeing into the night by the fire and the Team found themselves missing two members as hundreds more furry menaces closed in from all sides.

At the last minute, the team reunited as Alexi donned her suit to fly the van up into the night. The squirrels followed, however, piling atop each other in a swarming tower of adorable death, until Alexi fired on all cylinders and Tad unleashed more guttural gusts of glory until almost all of the squirrels had been destroyed.

Political Arena

Once the party finally reached the capital, ditched the van and rested for the night, Agatha returned to begin their introduction to the ruling houses of Tír na nÓg. She brought them, disguised as elves, to a colliseum-like building where representatives of the houses, including their champions, were gathered to discuss the day’s politics. Two of the champions were recognized by some of the team members, The Red Troll and someone who smelled eerily familiar to Assembly.

Assembly recognized a scent he associated with the killer from which he received many body parts from, and identified Patrick Mahony, Champion for House Fitzgerald, as the owner of the odor. Assembly attempted to engage him in conversation but was unable to discover much.

But then the politicking got started, and Lord O’Kennedy, whose house was the only one without a Champion at their booth since his champion had been “away” for a month or more for whatever reason, caused quite a stir by claiming the houses were responsible for the assassination of the pope. Most reacted in (possibly false) surprise or outrage, and triplets with mental powers who were the Champions for another house attempted unsuccessfully to read Lord O’Kennedy’s thoughts. However, Lord O’Kennedy stated the truth would come out soon enough for the authorities and/or corporations were on their way and the building had been sealed…

City of Storms


The ship approached the port and the agents prepared to disembark. As the boxes that hid Assembly and Lexi passed by the watchful captain of the ship, he suddenly tilted his back and drew in the scent of the agents. In an attempt to mask their presence, Tad let out a silent gas attack. Unfortunately, the captain withstood the attack and began to alert the crew of a mutant presence. As his lips formed the word “Mu-”, Spectre jumped from the the deck-worker and into the captain. Using the possess captain’s grubby hands, Spectre gave Tad the “OK” gesture and the team was able to move ashore without incident.

Once in a secure position, Assembly and Lexi were helped out from their crates. Lexi asked Daywalker to fly a weather-tracking device to the top of a nearby building. He obliged and towed the device up, gripping it with his little bat feet. Spectre swam the captain out into the ocean and rejoined the team as the decision was made to investigate the local wench bar. Tad convinced Lexi that he believed she should aid in the interrogations, assuring her that experience was the best teacher. Tits Na Nude was selected as Lexi’s classroom and the first destination for the team’s investigation.

Inside they were greeted by raunchy red velvet walls and an even raunchier hostess. She called the girls out for the team to inspect. Daywalker’s keen eye were drawn to an emaciated young girl who looked very nervous. He suggested she might be the easiest to get information from. Tad pointed the girl out to the hostess who introduced her as Mercy. Tad, Assembly, and Lexi walked with Mercy to a private room while Daywalker misted around eavesdropping.

Inside the small room, Tad began to disrobe as Mercy did. When Lexi averted her eyes, Tad warned her not to show disrespect for the young girl’s culture. Hesitantly, she turned back to the naked girl and tried to remain composed. Tad began to talk to the girl in a very comforting manner, asking about the city and the recent storms. However, her nerves seemed to keep her from being honest and open. Noticing this, Assembly quickly forced her mind to comply and answer their questions. She revealed many important details, including the presence of a Protestant Militia and a shamanistic circle. She explained that the Protestant Militia was battling Tir and that the storm had greatly impeded their efforts. When asked where she learned about the shamanistic circle, the girl said she’d heard it from another worker named Grolie. Tad requested that Grolie join them, and she too was quickly put under Assembly’s mind control. She said the shamanistic circle lived above one of her client’s home. After describing the client, Grolie broke out of Assembly’s control and moved right into her entertainment routine, inviting Lexi to get sexy. As her heart began to race, Lexi’s armor exploded into action and tore a hole in the roof to get to her. When the hostess rushed in to see what the noise was, Lexi fled through the ceiling in her power suit. Tad unleashed a foul gas attack and rendered the room of women helpless as he and assembly ran out to check the ledger. The names John and Sam O’Connor were listed as Grolie’s most recent clients, and with that information the agents left Tits Na Nude.

The team found the home of Sam O’Connor, coincidentally right on the edge of the storm’s debris radius. In fact, the building just adjacent to Sam’s home had been completely leveled by the storm. Upon knocking, a shuffling was heard from inside before the door was cracked open. A woman looked out at the agents, saying she’s not interested and quickly slams the door shut again. Assembly managed to get her mind under his control right before losing her behind the door, and forced her to let them inside. She explains that Sam is the at the Bearded Curtain Pub. Meanwhile Spectre went incorporeal and experienced an intense draw the center of the storm radius. There she could see a black vortex that seemed to be broadcasting some kind of energy. It beckoned to her, “Come to me. Release.”

Once they arrived at the pub, the team agreed that Lexi would try to charm Sam and separate him from the crowd. She bought him a drink and approached him at the bar. Awkward and nervous, Lexi failed to make any kind of impression on Sam except for a negative, suspicious one. Realizing this, she changed tactics and threatens him that she has information, drawing Sam and his crew outside. Once outside, the men pinned Lexi and began to question what she knew. When she revealed her knowledge of their shamanistic circle, their eyes widened and fear betrayed them. The skirmish that followed between Sam’s crew and the MI6 agents lasted only a few seconds; an easy victory for the agents.

Brotherhood of X - Epilogue
  • The British Empire has been saved, and the secret regarding the Queen’s only born heir has been kept safe. You have all been informed that this information is officially Top Secret Level 1B, and disclosing this information to anyone without the appropriate clearance is a capital offense.
  • Only one Brotherhood member remains at large: the mutant shapeshifter known only as “Mystique”. Global surveillance and intelligence have been unable to locate her since her incursion into MI6.
  • The House of Commons voted, in a surprising move, to NOT withdraw the Magical Practitioner Registration Act. Various politicians have been quoted saying pithy remarks like “We will not be intimidated” and the like.
  • His Holiness Pope John XXV was assassinated during a Vatican balcony speech by unknown forces, and no one is claiming responsibility for the deed. His death was quick and painless, having been shot by a sniper rifle between the eyes. Officials are baffled, as his bulletproof glass and mana shielding apparently provided no protection, and doubly baffled by the fact that a bullet has yet to be found.
  • Two days later, Cardinal Ronald Grimes was found dead in his Boston home. Authorities suspect a link between the two as the cause of death was similar: an apparent bullet straight through the head, but with no bullet or shell to be found. You likely recall the name; Grimes was recently promoted to Cardinal two months ago, an action which received international attention due to the fact that Grimes was the first admitted Technomancer to hold the position.
  • A uncharacteristically strong magical storm today hit the city of Belfast. These storms are not uncommon to Tir na Nog, and are known as Doineann Draoidheil (pronounced dayn-yan draille), but these storms do not usually hit populated areas, and never with the intensity and destruction found in this instance. A fifth of the city has been laid to waste, estimating damages to be in the hundreds of millions of pounds range. Thankfully, city officials were able to evacuate most citizens, and primarily the casualties seem to consist of wanted individuals, the SINless, and those Awakened persons foolish enough to enter or observe the storm from an Astral vantage point.
Wheel of Steel
There's a deer in his mouth?

Tad Prescott Sterling recommends looking for an antenna that Mister X might have been using to increase the range and intensity. Assembly goes to the Quartermaster and volunteers his mental abilities for testing what kind of equipment Mister X might have used. Q also gives the group an anti-mental helmet to deliver to “M”, while he experiments in the separated brain of Assembly.

After some tests, Q determines that ordinary steel will enhance brain activities, so the group goes to the nearest large steel structure, the London Eye (ferris wheel). They find steels stairs going down 5 stories, leading to a room in which Mr.X is waiting for them!

Mister X accuses the group of blindly following their orders and then attacks Tad, mentally pushing him away. The rest of the group joins, but their attacks are thwarted by the powerful mentalist. Assembly uses his mental abilities, but they are countered. Daywalker finally uses his vampiric powers to grab Mr.X and hold in in place, while Spectre attacks him with magic, Tad with a noxious belch, and Assembly with his chainsuckles. The enemy can not counter so many simultaneous attacks and explodes in a blast of blue light, and the world disappears for the agents.

They wake up in glass tubes, in the same room they were fighting r. X, who is now brooding. Daywalker mists himself out, while Spectre possesses what appears to be an already possessed cronie. Tad farts his way out towards Mr.X, leaving Assembly free to overrun another cronie on his way out. He gets a rain of bullets on him, but absorbs the impacts with his absorption superpowers. Man, that Assembly is just so awesome. As Spectre finds out these are just possessed homeless people as she shoves a mind out of one, Hawkeye joins the fight by shooting into the team.

The agents try to gang up on Mr. X, while Spectre defeats a guard, but his armor self-destructs, killing the host homeless guy. Meanwhile, Tads gases debilitate Mr. X and the team capitalizes on it, defeating him. As a final action, Mister X touches Tad Prescott Sterling in the forehead, sending his to a reality in which he is being crucified. He battles the mental assault, and Tad finds himself back in the room, where Mr.X and his minions have collapsed from Tad’s flawless defense strategy: “I’m too dumb to fall for that trick!”.

Meanwhile, Hawkeye, now alone, tries to escape, but he is captured with Mr. X. Mr.X has been finally put on public trial. The agents are invited to Buckingham Palace for some milk and cookies with the queen. As a special guest, the Pendragon makes his first appearance in years! He incited a revolt that led to the current state of affairs in government. Mr. X is a manifestation of his ID! He is also George’s father, which explains part of the boy’s multiple “issues”.


Upon leaving the research facility with the captives and George in tow, the team discovered the security lighting had been completely disabled. 20+ three lead agents come out of the dark. Two of the three red-clad KGB agents, Wanda Maximohv and “Chamber,” annihilated the entire force surrounding the team. The third’s wounds began to heal rapidly, but Wanda effectively “maintained” his wounds.

Tad interrogated George while the rest of the team minded their own business. George was quite shy, but eventually caved in to Tad’s form of questioning. George confided that he only spent time with the guards and never got to experience the joys such as those that Tad inquired. As the conversation came to a close, Tad thanked George for spending some time with him, to which George responded “welcome,” but in a surprisingly disturbing way; with a slight body twitch and new, more loud voice followed by some more twitching.

Spectre was quick to react by possessing the small boy, only to realize she wasn’t even remotely alone. His mind was like a crowded mall, or Hong Kong during rush hour as some might say. After a brief conversation with one of the many aspects of George’s mind, Spectre was forcibly removed from his body. She momentarily bristled and manifested to show she wasn’t afraid, even taking the time to sooth the boy with magical healing. This only caused another confrontation to occur; George’s personality shifted again and he began draining Spectre’s powers for less than a second, then reverting to his normal, timid self. Shortly thereafter Spectre decided hiding in her more comfortable ghost form was the better choice… with boys eyes locked on the strange child.

Later, while en route to George’s safe location, the team’s vehicle suddenly veered into a telephone pole! Tad and Spectre were fortunate to have their seat belts buckled because they took the brunt of the impact along with the unfortunate Assembly who flew through the cab of the vehicle, forcibly impacting the bulletproof privacy window. Daywalker and George took minor damage and were the first to attempt to exit. Once the door was opened, a guard was waiting outside the door, presumably from a rear vehicle in the caravan. Daywalker handed George over, then grew suspicious, easily marking this “guard” as an impostor.

In a panic, Daywalker tried to alert his team to the danger and quickly bit at the would-be attacker’s outreached hand twice in rapid succession. Reeling back, the guard kicked the door closed with enough force to cave it inward.

Tad positions himself to blast the side of the vehicle open, spewing gas and plasti-glass against the guard outside the vehicle. Shocked by the attack, the guard started to bend down to grab George and spirit him away, but our personal spirit foiled the escape when she possessed George and quite effectively convinced the boy of the threat.

Within the crowd of the child’s mind, one figure—very much resembling the actual child—parts the sea of consciousness. He reaches out (in his mind) to something, plucking it out of the air and then throwing it into the distance. Simultaneously, the guard simply vanished out of thin, rippling air…and then it never happened; at least as far as everyone other than Spectre and George were concerned.

Upon returning to headquarters, the team learned Pietro was successfully released into the KGB’s custody and so they began filing reports (Daywalker), speaking with George (Spectre), and interrogating captives (bad cop/bad copy duo Assembly and Tad).

During the interrogation rounds, Tad and Assembly discover that Cloak and Dagger were in adjoining cells and were up to something strange. After a short round of effective interrogation, the agents learned that the two terrorists share some sort of rapport which is life-sustaining for Cloak. This knowledge allowed the flow of additional information quite rapid, such as the fact that George is heir to the throne of England.

“M” was quick to shut down the interrogation scene once this information came to light and as quick to debrief all participants on the importance of being discreet. Tad, Assembly, and “M” lingered to discuss George’s future and what’s best for his mental and political state.

This Isn't An Office Building At All!

12 downing street

As the members of Team 6 entered the home of the mysteriously important George, they found themselves stepping into a confusing labyrinth of lies where nothing was as it seems… and yet was. The house, though not an office building in outward appearance, was shocking very homelike. And to make matters more startling, when they reached George’s room, they only found a hologram of him playing as opposed to the real boy they didn’t expect to find, and a dead guard that wasn’t really dead but had been assumed was dead cuz they didn’t bother checking.

The depths of Mister X’s deceptions ran deep and were well lubricated with slippery subterfuge. And when Mister X whipped out his ultimatum, threatening harm upon the boy if his demands were not met, they could feel his trap tightening like a sphincter around them.

But a pinhole of light could still be glimpsed through the brown eye of terror. Pietro Maximov was a rogue agent and the Russians wanted him back. They were willing to trade information on the general whereabouts of George and his captors in exchange for the prisoner. With “M” in the hospital and Rémy off being French, Tad Prescott Sterling deftly handled the negotiations with the skill of only the greatest of frat-raised diplomats (after consulting with his lawyers to verify whether any agreements he made would be binding).

The Russians revealed they had been spotted in Vladivostok. Since that’s Evo’s territory, Spectre called upon her scissor-sister, Buttercup, to gain a more specific location. Although Buttercup played hard to get, she did guide Team 6 to the research facilities on Ruski Island. The team covertly approached the darkened buildings there and singled out a genetic research facility as the only building with a light on.

Daywalker stealthily bypassed the building’s security by getting gassy in the ventilation system then Assembly used his chainsuckles to finesse the elevator into taking the team down into the basement levels. Carefully skipping the room where George and his captors were hidden, the team explored the facility until they found a row of cages housing other mutants. They were apparently staying in their incredibly crappy living quarters by choice in the hopes of having their mutations cured. Is it a coincidence the terrorists chose this location? I think not! But possibly. Is anyone else thirsty? I want me some juice.

Anywho, about that time Cloak, who had kidnapped George by bypassing the magical barriers protecting his home by using dimensional travel abilities, either got bored or curious and materialized in the hallway near the team. Before he could escape, the team enthusiastically (and literally) tore him a new one and Tad pulled out the anti-dimensional traveling collar he happened to be carrying (good thing he wasn’t wearing his other pants!) to detain the prisoner.

Seeing her partner lying on the floor, bruised and battered like a $5 whore, Dagger cried out and unleashed an onslaught of the same energy daggers she’d used to incapacitate George’s guard. She could not withstand the might of Team 6, however, and George was rescued. Hurray!

Last Resort

Last resort

Tad Prescott Sterling turned out to be a great deal more talk than rock, so despite his lackluster (so to speak) performance, Leona Defleur promised to make amends for her betrayal by offering further services in the future at next to nothing in terms of Nuyen.

The group decided to split up after recovering from Buttercup’s mental blast. Assembly took to questioning guests in order to locate the missing Tad Prescott Sterling, Daywalker headed back to the business center in order to follow up with the MI-6 hacker from earth, and Spectre attempted to fly through in spirit form, but came up against countless mana barriers, preventing her from investigating any personal quarters to find Tad Prescott Sterling during his “interrogation” of Leona Defleur.

The team was contacted by MI-6 via the business center link and informed of their imminent extraction; ETA 4 hours. Assembly then bided his time staring off into space next to Daywalker. Despite having claimed a spot by the window first, Daywalker decides to do some research in the library. Tad Prescott Sterling decided to look for more “interrogation candidates” while Spectre became bored and pranked the clothing-optional spa orgy club.

Just before Tad Prescott Sterling was about to select his victim, Leona Defleur taps into his commlink, letting out a bloodcurdling shriek before cutting out, or perhaps being cut out is a more apt description. The team races to her room only to find her naked corpse with a huge gash slicing down her torso from shoulder to hip.

They find a rather obvious clue; bloody foot-prints leaving the scene at a sprint. Tracking them to a maintenance area, they catch up to somebody furiously scrubbing blood from their feet; hands and cleaning cloth nothing but a blur of movement.

Realizing he’s been spotted, the speedster (later discovered to be named Pietro Maximov) sprints into action, escaping at such speeds that the team is forced to use their full power to even attempt to keep up. Weaving, zigging, and zagging, they all make their way through the crowded “wealth” of passengers. While looking over his shoulder to gloat over the increasing lead on his pursuers, the chase comes to a momentary pause when the speedster is caught off-guard by a large orc standing steadily in his path.

A short scuffle involving the speedster, Tad Prescott Sterling, and a door ensued before the chase was on again, this time ending at the earth-dive bay. All atempts to stop the speedster from leaping off the platform and skydiving to earth fail: Tad Prescott Sterling‘s area-wide belch engulfed him, but his speed allowed him to dodge and weave perfectly to avoid it entirely; Spectre possessed him long enough to try to stop, but immediately lost control; Daywalker solidifies, leaping up and coming down forcefully onto the speedster’s helmet, cracking it slightly, but seemingly unaffecting him otherwise. The three continue to pursue him even after he makes the jump, proving they can control their velocity better and end up easily overtaking him during the three-hour dive.

Meanwhile, Assembly processes the crime scene in Leona Defleur‘s room, looking for clues as to why or how this could have happened. Recalling that Tad Prescott Sterling’s “DNA has been in lots of crime scenes,” he takes matters into his own chainsuckles and decides to help cover up the evidence that he knows would have incriminated Tad Prescott Sterling in this murder. Once he realizes that the divers are en-route to earth, he informs the agency where to rendezvous for pick-up.

Once back at MI-6, the team discovers an attack was made at headquarters and “M” was hospitalized. It turns out that a shapeshifter with a hacked ID infiltrated the complex and launched the attack from within.

Upon questioning “M” at the hospital, the team discovers he was mentally probed. It seems the assailant was after information regarding a young elven boy named George.

The team heads immediately for the residence of the suspected kidnapping target. When they arrive, they are unceremoniously greeted by the gun barrels of the local security force. Straight to the point, Tad Prescott Sterling warns them of the imminent kidnapping and urges the guards to check on the young boy. Spectre possesses one of the guards after Tad Prescott Sterling’s suggestion and listens in on their radio. The chatter only confirms what the team had already suspect: They were too late.

Trouble in Orbit


A red carpet greeted the team as they approached the entrance to the resort. Inside, they spread out and began a search for clues. Tad Prescott Sterling secured the first major lead by meeting and engaging in conversation with Leona Defleur. Before long he was plugging into the hacker babe, making a deal and securing her services in return for information. When the team met back up, the French spy Rémy announced his discovery of a hidden section that was off-limits to regular guests. Spectre possessed one of the Geisha employees and acted as a chauffeur to half of the team while Rémy and his guide led the rest.

Once behind locked doors, they quickly found the broadcasting room for Mister X. They did find a short blond hair, matching Mister X‘s own hair color and length. At that time, Leona Defleur lured Tad Prescott Sterling away from the team’s investigation of the broadcasting room where they were ambushed by Hawkeye, Betsy the Psychic Ninja, and Flame D0od. The fight seemed like a deadly encounter for our heroes at first contact, but it quickly turned in favor of the MI6 agents.

Tad Prescott Sterling took advantage of his time with the hacker for some extra intelligence. She explained that she was there for the recording, along with the psychic ninja. She said Mister X was planning around the demise of the British Empire, and the Parliament not passing the revoking of the Magical Practitioner Registration Act. He also obtained so addresses from her that the team might be able to follow.

When the enemies were in the grips of defeat, a spirit appeared and explained that it was her duty to protect her charges but offered a gift in exchange. This entity confirmed her identity as Buttercup, the head of EVO Corp. Despite her lofty position, she was unaware of the connection between the bombing and her station and naturally was grateful to receive the tip that Mister X had broadcast from their very location. She offered a suggestion of allegiance and disappeared with the injured enemy agents.

Brotherhood Rising

As the agents return to the MI-6 base, Tad Prescott Sterling tries to start some camaraderie among the agents by asking about their pasts. Spectre and Assembly share a past in which they where both burned to death, or close to, since they are still with us. Daywalker talks about being a vampire and probably being older than Spectre, who was born in the middle ages. To lighten things up, Spectre decides to posses the helicopter pilot and force Tad into unclothing, but he refuses and the practical joke dies. It becomes evident that Daywalker does not have much of a sense of humor, even by British standards.

The group decides to celebrate a successful mission by partying that night. To loosen up Daywalker, Tad chooses a vampire night club. The patrons are not particularly friendly to strangers, and when Spectre possesses the DJ into playing a romantic song, the whole club becomes furious and the group leaves for home.

The next day M debriefs them at MI-6, and promotes them to commander while assigning Team 6 as the name for the group. After setting up comm-links for better group communication, the agents are given free time.

Assembly decides to practice a new power of morphing in the hazard practice grounds of MI-6’s basement, where he meets an agile fellow MI-6 member. Meanwhile, the rest of the group watches on live TV as terrorists declare their opposition to the Magical Practitioner Registration Act, and have a terrorist known as Nitro explode in the middle of a busy Westminster Abbey, killing nearby innocents.

Team 6 gets together and flies to the scene which is not far away. When they arrive, emergency crews are helping out, but Nitro is almost ready to explode again. Tad Prescott Sterling is taken out of play by an arrow to the stomach, courtesy of the terrorist The Archer who had been waiting in ambush in the rooftops. Spectre and Daywalker turn immaterial and fly towards The Archer while Assembly uses his mental control ability to stop Nitro, who has reformed from his previous explosion, to do it again.

Spectre is stunned by a mental assault of unknown origin. Similarly, Assembly’s mental control is revoked by some sort of telepathic attack, and Nitro explodes again, killing nearby emergency and rescue crews. Daywalker successfully bites The Archer, and Tad recovers consciousness and flies to aid Daywalker. Assembly uses his chainsaw to prevent the regeneration of Nitro into another bomb, so Team 6 starts to gain the upper hand. The mental assailant decides to play it safe, and uses all of his energy to mentally disable the whole team. When the team recovers, the enemies are gone. However, Tad captures an image of The Archer and Daywalker collects the blood from his fangs to use DNA tests to find The Archer and hopefully Mister X.


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