Mutant Impossible

An Express Train to Hell

Falling With Style

Chopper train

As a sleek bullet train hurtles across the United Kingdom, traveling at hundreds of miles per hour, a military helicopter descends towards it. The chopper carries a team of unique MI6 agents, quickly assembled into a team that must infiltrate the speeding train below and rescue a fellow agent.

They do not know what they’ll face inside, but they suspect agents of Tír na nÓg are the enemies holding their countryman captive. A landing gel is fired into the last of the train cars to help the MI6 agents land safely, then the order is given for them to make the deadly jump. The first to go is Assembly, who successfully executes the dangerous maneuver. Cybil Levett, aka Spectre, wearing a hobo suit, is the next to jump followed closely by Daywalker. They almost entangle as they slide wildly off the gel, but manage to safely complete the landing as the final team member, Tad Prescott Sterling, aka Banshee, noisily yet enthusiastically flies in after them.

The team quickly dispatches the surprised enemy gunmen in the train car then proceeds to the next car. The enemies the team finds there, however, are ready and waiting for them. Though Tad dispatches their gunbots with a sonic belch as Assembly cuts through a gunman with his chainsaw, Daywalker sucks off another and Cybil possesses a third, another gunman wounds Tad with machine gun fire.

The team prevails, however, and continues their search into the next car. Moving as only a ghost can, Cybil flies safely into the train car, finding not only the captured agent they had been sent to rescue, but also Black Tom guarding over him. Cybil confronts Black Tom, but he sends a fireball towards her that leaves her paralyzed in fear, haunted by the horrors of her past.

Daywalker flies in, as well, cunningly avoiding the bullets from gun turrets that are hidden on either side of the door by entering as vampiric mist. He attempts to attack Black Tom, but is unsuccessful. Assembly then enters the train car, but is caught by gunfire from the turrets and he turns to destroy them.

Black Tom holds his shillelagh to the prisoner, warning the MI6 team to stand down, but Tad lets out a mighty toot and flies at Black Tom, stunning him with a thunderous belch. The team rescues their fellow agent and takes Black Tom prisoner, but as they make their hasty escape they hear the sounds of something monstrous chasing them.

The Red Troll is in hot pursuit, crushing the metal of the train cars aside like it was paper. The team can see their extraction point and quickly ascend towards the waiting helicopter. As the zip line pulls Assembly and his load out of harms way, the brutish troll leaps, grasping for Assembly’s feet. For a moment, it seems as though he will indeed latch on and pull the exiting agents to their doom, but the agent on Assembly’s arm stirs… He somehow summons up enough consciousness to pull a small pistol from somewhere, quickly takes aim, and the troll sees nothing but the black dot of the pointed barrel between his eyes. The end of the pistol barks and flares, and red drips down and fills his vision…




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