Character Creation

Current Campaign Power Level – 6 / 90 points

Through the following, you can earn an additional 5 points for character creation:

  • Write a stat block for an NPC/villain – 1 point each, max of 2
  • Be one of the first two people to submit an NPC – 1 point
  • Submit your character prior to game start – 2 points

Other Important Points Regarding Creation

  • Power Points
    • Be mindful of limitations on spending points. They are listed on page 24 of the core book and I will hold to them.
    • Some limitations are on point spend, and some are on total effect. For example, attack bonus cannot be raised above the campaign’s power level. This is the TOTAL BONUS from ALL non-equipment sources.
  • Skills
    • Don’t forget that every point spent on a skill gives you 4 ranks in that skill.
  • Powers
    • When notifying me of your character, please be sure you let me know all powers/devices you will have.
    • Keep in mind that you will need to have some method of being effective in a fight. Whether it’s a power, or just being really talented in combat, don’t rely on a single espionage or support power as your only reason for being on the team.
  • Starting Equipment
    • This is Shadowrun! Sort of. So there is access to Shadowrun kinds of technology, like wireless devices, drones, and cyberware. Certain types of technology, because they are so commonplace in this setting, therefore DO NOT count as Devices or Powers. Things like cyberears, cybereyes, embedded commlinks are all relatively common and therefore fall under normal equipment rules. If you have any questions about whether something should be considered Equipment or Device, please ask me.
    • You are all legitimate British citizens and therefore have real SINs (that do not have an equipment cost because every legit citizen gets one automatically). If you need a fake one for mission purposes, those will be issued to you at the time of the mission as one-time use things. Now if you wanted to purchase your own fake SINs for a holdout cache, that’s different. Don’t expect your bosses will take kindly to it, however, if they find out.
  • Equipment in General
    • Shadowrun Equipment point cost list coming soon
  • Complications and Drawbacks
    • Please get them approved by me. I probably won’t shut anything down, so don’t worry about that.

Character Creation

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