Rewards Log

4/6/13 – Prologue, “An Express Train to Hell”

  • 1 PP for successful completion of mission
  • 1 PP for the capture of “”/campaigns/mutant-impossible/characters/black-tom" class=“wiki-content-link”>Black Tom"
  • In recognition of your bravery, quick thinking, and decisive action in such a rushed mission, Her Majesty’s Secret Service awards all members of Team 6 the rank of Commander in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy. Also, all member agents are now in consideration for 00 status. Congratulations.
  • 1 free Commlink headgear installation. This is not required, but highly recommended, as it will enable “telepathic” communication with fellow team members and HQ. (Incidentally, you would be advised to not refuse. My superiors will frown upon such a lack of “team play”, and therefore, so will I. You have been made aware. -M)

4/13/13 – Issue 1, “Brotherhood Rising”

  • 1 PP for rescuing innocents and Knights on scene
  • 1 PP for capture of Nitro and intel on Mister X & Hawkeye

4/28/13 – Issue 2, “Riot on the Set”

  • 2 PP for collection of evidence and fending off Brotherhood ambush
  • Bonus 1 PP to Tad for landing a Bond girl

5/4/13 – Issue 3, “Shadowsfall”

  • 2 PP for the apprehension of Pietro Maximov
  • Bonus 1 PP to Merlin and Jorge for submitting ways the game could be better

5/11/13 – Issue 4, “Cloak and Dagger”

  • 2 PP for defeating George’s captors


  • 2 PP

Rewards Log

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