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07 Feb 2073

6:19 AM – House of Commons set to vote on upholding #MagicalPractitionerRegistrationAct on Thursday. #MPRA #HoC

8:23 AM – Overnight train crash in #TirNaNog kills 53 civilians, no survivors found so far

9:27 AM – #Shiawase stock soars after opening, after successfully beating #SKrupp to release of new sub-orbital aircraft

9:59 AM – Mysterious “Captain Britain” sighted rescuing trapped civilians on London Eye. #whoisCaptainBritain

10:33 AM – .@Pontifex #Pope John Paul XXV expected to make speech this week on cyberenhancement, possibly reversing church stance

11:16 AM – #SorcererSupreme .@StephenStrange says recent flares in ley lines nothing to worry about #leyflare2073

Tweets Log

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