Mutant Impossible

Get These Hero-Fighting Purifiers Off This Bird-Not-A-Plane's Ass!

Gregorian v

It was clear that the prisoner (Cardinal Grymes – has a strange British accent) had been mistreated while confined.

Once outside, the group sees a mob gathered around a dais with the fixings for a witch-burning.

A bazooka-wielding, vatican-guard-looking bird blasts the dais and the two guards flanking the platform, burning them to death and dispersing the crowd which the group uses to escape before the turbine-engine jets can sweep the area and find them.

In-flight, they begin to interrogate the cardinal. The interrogations takes the form of illusory-traumatization. All that is accomplished is that the former prisoner believes he might be dead to have seen such strange things. Finally, they come clean and let him know they are mutants and he isn’t, in fact, dead.

Assembly decides to mimic all of the cardinals powers in order to ascertain which powers he possesses. Several are too “fuzzy” and Assembly isn’t able to mimic them, however one of them is what is referred to as technomancy.

Assembly interacts with Jonus and Alexi inside the matrix.

Grymes displays some telekenetic powers after Alexi safely disarms the explosive power-suppression collar (exactly the same as the ones the group wore in the alternate-reality prison).

They discover that Reme Leboux may have been one of the cardinal’s interrogators.

They discover that the Pope was from the German Catholic order and was previously a cardinal. (Cardinal Rotensch├Ądel was his former name.)

They discover the prisoner’s family has all been slain, his brother most recently.

They discover that the prisoner’s brother was a twin with the same set of powers and in an alternate timeline (reference news feed) was also assassinated.

After landing in Switzerland, Alexi meets with Howard Stark. They take a limo and the group seems unimpressed after having gotten used to riding in an enormous flying bird.

Stark inspects the power-suppression collar and is incredibly impressed with the level of advancement.

They discover that “His Holiness” is in Frankfurt which happens to coincide with Jaqen’s new job.

They hear a rumor from Howard Stark that the MI-6 New York City office was forcibly shut down by the government authorities on-site.

The “Hand of God” is rumored to be some sort of glove, gauntlet, or actual hand according to stark.

Paris’ fate now matches England’s.

Stark “didn’t drop” a credchip with enough funds to hire a small distractionary Shadowrunner team.

Three Purifiers are spotted approaching the bird. Two are red-robed and the third wears a mixed red and black robe.

Blue Eyes leaps toward one of the incoming Purifiers and heroically lands a blow, but doesn’t get a grip and begins plummeting down to the ground. Fortunately, Jaqen, quick to get into the frey as always, dematerializes and rematerializes next to Blue Eyes, causing a wound to appear in the same Purifier’s back before returning himself and Blue Eyes back to the safety of the bird.

The barrage continues until one of the Purifiers causes a massive blast of air to force the bird-plane out of control, plummeting downward.

Eventually the three Purifiers are taken down; one a prisoner, another blown to pieces while falling to his doom, and the third simply falling to his doom unconscious until vanishing shortly before impact with the earth. Residual energies point toward the Pope’s power.

The prisoner was of some interest to Blue Eyes once she realized he had a tattoo on his arm which spurred a memory.

Grymes sends a message saying that the French Catholic Church remnants have been absorbed into the German Catholic Church.


RurouniQ Dwight

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