Mutant Impossible

The High Evolutionary - Epilogue

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As the team collects their bearings and examines their surroundings, they find their equipment and clothing in a storage room not too far from the fight. The team seems to be in a small laboratory of sorts, with a few adjacent halls and other miscellaneous rooms. Reuniting with Jonas and her suit, Alexi and her AI partner are able to determine that most of the area seems to have a Faraday cage built around it, effectively preventing all wireless communications going in or out. Wyndham’s workstation seems to be networked via a hard line, and one-way at that.

Despite this abnormal level of network security, Wyndham does not seem to have been overly restrictive with his workstation’s security. Aside from a lone agent program (albeit a pretty decent one), the data available on it is not encrypted. Wyndham seems to have had 10 groups that “donated” various mutant body parts and were paid handsomely for their efforts. Generally, the parts were what could be considered the “foci” of the mutant powers; if a person could project flames from his hands, then the hands were collected and routed to the processing centers. One communication indicates that the remnants of the bodies were carved up and disposed of in manners that would “deflect or otherwise fail to raise suspicion”.

Ironically though, the purpose of this whole experiment seems to be the creation of “the Ultimate Mutant”. Wyndham was experimenting with various combinations of mutant body parts and genetic patterns in an attempt to create a perfect life form. Though he doesn’t explicitly dictate what defines “perfect” in his context, the whole thing seems to have been part of something called “Project 7th”, of which there seems to be no additional information aside from a general dogmatic hyperbolism suggesting that this new life form could be the only creature that could survive on Earth in the future. There are also logs and records of various experiments and procedures performed upon himself; hence, his odd array of abilities.

Overall, however, it’s interesting to note that Wyndham’s pursuit of the creation of a “perfect mutant” inadvertently lead to the creation of Assembly, a being who in some ways could be considered to be the perfect collection of imperfections. Too bad he didn’t live to fully understand what had transpired…

And that brings us to what one of the other side rooms contains. One room appears to be a specimen chamber, with operating tables, biohazard bins, and a series of large, empty glass tubes attached to a single terminal interface. Well, actually, they’re all empty except for one. This single tube is filled with a bluish-clear bubbling liquid, and floating suspended in the center of a tube is a lone infant boy, asleep in a fetal position.

Upon discovering this, Jonas speaks to the entire team, saying “Agents, I realize this may not be the best time for any sort of interruption, but I feel I should point out that since we have moved into this area, I am once again receiving communications from the outside world. Firstly, may I remind you that you were granted three days leave, and because of the amount of time you have all been unconscious, you are now nearing the end of the third day. I remind you of this only because right now MI6 seems to be attempting to contact me – that is to say, us – rather frantically, if I may say so. Something about a hole being torn open in the sky far above Manhattan, by giant shining claws?”


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