Agent Alexis Hollingberry

MI6 Agent, Hacker, Power Suited Ass-Kicker


Archon power suit


Born to a Scot and an Irish lass, her father was a lifelong civil servant for parking enforcement and her mother an accountant that worked from home. Alexis Hollingberry lived on the outskirts of the town of East Kilbride as a mild mannered SINner. At an early age she showed aptitude with computers and soon was debugging and even running as a spider for her secondary school’s node. With high marks and an exemplerary school record, Alexis was sure to be accepted to any of her top choices for universities but it was the small non-descript post that arrived one mild Saturday morning that caught her attention. She turned it over in her hand noting the officious script and clear refractive emblem of the state department. The black card inside scanned her datalink and confirmed her SIN. As it turned out, over the summer she had worked at the Oxford library node. She had caught the state department’s attention when she inadvertantly shut down their hidden access, mistaking them for holes in the security. It was enough to land her a summer internship with the state department’s logistics and matrix defense division. Apparently she made an impression as they she was offered a full time job there at the age of 17.

Five years in the service and her record was impeccable. Boring but impeccable and woefully inaudequate for field work. Alexis had earned herself a coveted spot working for MI6 research division but the most field work exposure she got was the occasional forensic analysis or hacking for field ops. She spent most of her time in the tech labs and gravitated towards experimental weaponry. Endlessly fascinated with research and experimentation, her pulse still raced when she helped operatives get ready for their assignments and secretly yearned to join them. Even if it was only in the back of a van supporting via the matrix or comms. Then one day the Suit appeared.

Like a black obelisk it remained powered down, locked away, and covered in connected wires and coolant hoses whisping mist against the far wall. Senior R&D agents pored over its dark, sleek, and inscrutable armored surface. Her assignment as a junior tech was to monitor energy signatures while attempts were made to penetrate the suit’s OS. Months passed. Support drone #5’s after burner sputtered to a stop with a muffled whine and landed hard. with a sigh Alexis patted the older drone and began carefully tearing it down. She always talked to her drones. #5 beeped pitteously until Alexis restarted its manuevering system and began tweaking its power feed. It took a moment but she fianlly noticed the stacatto burst of static coming from her desk console. Alexis peered over the large drone and listened, replayed the notes in her head and deciphering the pattern: “….Warning….Warning….Warning….”

Alexis gasped as dense code flared across her AR display. Contrails of light coursed across the suit’s darkened surface. A punch of soild air sent her stumbling forward and the suit suddenly filled her vision. Then her world exploded.

Fire, smoke, and screaming followed by layers of darkness and exploding offices whipped past as the building soundlessly disintegrated. A final burst of darkness and then blinding blue filled her view as sunlight refracted off the suit’s faceplate. Alexis rolled her wide panicked eyes across the heads-up display that hove into view. The screaming had stopped and Alexis realized her throat was raw. A blaring alarm sounded as several balls of light flared off the suit’s forearms. Streaking missles became balls of flame in her aft view as she choked back another wave of panic. Alexis noted what looked like a vapor cone forming around the suit as there was a heavy shudder. The HUD showed they had just entered Mach 2. At that point the data recorder showed she lost consciousness.

Turns out the suit had an A.I. operating system named Jonas that introduced itself to Alexis when she awoke. They sat there atop Mount Kilimanjaro talking for hours. Eventually discussions involved MI6 HQ. No one knew who had attacked the MI6 lab offices. Alexis was one of the few survivors. It wasn’t long before Alexis was acting as a diplomat of sorts for the A.I. that called itself Jonas. A tentative operative status with MI6 was negotiated for Jonas in exchange for valuable intel and active service, with Alexis acting as official liason. Reluctantly she agreed. How could she turn Jonas down after saving her life? It turned out to be far more than she had bargained for. Training the next two weeks showed her how hopelessly unprepared she was for the kind of active field service MI6 had in mind but Jonas refused to work with anyone else.

Jonas: “Incoming brief Agent Hollingberry.”
Alexis: “Don’t be so formal Jonas, bring it up.”
Jonas: “Yes Agent Hol-, Alexis.”
Alexis: “Better. Are we already enroute to the drop point for loading aboard this ship? It says we’re to rendevous with double-00 agents, huh that can’t be right. Only double-00’s can operate jointly. Are we in a support role?”
Jonas: “I received notice 0.663 seconds ago of our double-00 status upgrade from MI6 HQ.”
Alexis: “Gee, that was easy.”
Jonas: “It appears to be more of a temporary status pending a detailed performance and psycological review.”
Alexis: “Great. Well um, let’s get to know the team. Scan all related documents and debriefs at x50 speed.”
Jonas: “Which ones shall I bring up?”
Alexis: “All of them.”

Agent hollingberry

Agent Alexis Hollingberry

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